Zara’s More Viral Coat… Is Back! (A Little Remodeling and Now Also in Red)

Do you remember the viral coat from Zara that revolutionized internet at the end of last year? That was so so so viral that he even have their own account on Instagram? It was a garment halfway between long jacket and coat short, stamped in blue and raw, which completed the outfits of half of Europe, from the most casual to looks of ceremony. Many were those who stayed with honey on the lips to not be able to get it in his day, but now, We have good news: the coat is back, with a renewed life.

The garment has been slightly reshaped for this second edition. Waist cut is gone, as well as the trim in white sleeves, although now yes they appear around the pockets and on the bass. A very similar to the previous model, perfect for anyone who wants to resume a viral trend of the season.

On the left, the old model of the abrigo-chaqueta. On the right, which has just come out on sale.

The other big news of the garment is now also goes on sale in red and white. Both models are available (for now) on the website of Zara to a price of 59.95 EUR. Now we can only wait and see if it joins the yellow biker or sweatshirt fluffy as viral article of the year.

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