Yes, It Is Possible to Get The Cup of Primark Chip without Having to Wait for June. Te Explain How

There are still three months to get the cup of Chip, the adorable character of beauty and the beast, at the Primark of Spain. Three months! Given that half the world has gone mad with this mug, it seems too much waiting. In addition, already imagines the queues that are mounted when you get to the end and a more than likely sold out, which leaves us with honey on the lips. So… We put hands to work to look for alternatives. And we have found them.

To start, at Amazon, there are several options. The prices are also very varied. Can be found from the affordable price of €13,94 (still, away from the only six euros will cost in Primark), through 14.87, 17.20, up to the more expensive models, which will come to pay 34,35 or up to 42,02 EUR, depending on the size and manufacturer.

This is the most expensive model of Cup of Chip that can be found at Amazon.

eBay is another place where you can get with the most desired object. There we can find “resale” Primark Cup by vendors of United Kingdom, where there has a real revolution been. Therefore those who were with her have decided to get chopped and sold for prices between 18 and 25 pounds (20, 78-28, 86 euros). Incidentally, eBay is also possible to do with the wallet chip, also in the collection of Primark, for a very affordable price 6,73 pounds (7,77 EUR).

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