With 47,000 Euro Baggage Check-in

Past the days when stars incognito in a jogging suit to the airport rushed. The famous frequent flyers reflect on the upscale travel of past and fly stylish in designer fashion. Above all Catherine Zeta-Jones (45), which turned the airport into a luxury catwalk in the Hermes total look.

With a Louis Vuitton hand bag to check-in? As usual! Can every C celebrity – probably thought Catherine Zeta-Jones and shows what it’s like to fly in the Star Alliance. The wife of Michael Douglas (70) is not only a bag from Hermes to check-in and not two. It appears in the total look of the French luxury brand. The cost of the travel wardrobe probably lie in the range of a sports car: alone, their “Birkin Bag” from ostrich leather (right hand) costs nearly 36,000 euros, the other Hermes bag, “Altaf” model has a value of approximately 11,000 euros.

Certainly, with this luxury travel outfit, you automatically get an upgrade to first class. But it is also cheaper. Other celebrity ladies have some tricks in the luggage, chic and yet comfortable to travel. Beware:

1 layers clothing
The onion look is perfect for the plane. Not only that on board is times hot and cold times us – also in the destination often other than at the check-out temperatures. It is advisable to wear, in a shirt with long sleeves plus Cardigan or sweater in wool or cashmere top a top. You can depending on the demand from – or put on. Who would not abandon the beloved jeans, you should choose a comfortable model with stretch. Please let the hands of training pants, which never look stylish.

  1. the correct material
    Pay attention to breathable materials like cotton or wool. You provide a comfortable micro-climate, well absorb sweat and can neutralize body odor to a certain extent. Silk and linen are when traveling not recommended – too sensitive and prone to wrinkles. Synthetic fibres such as polyester backed up body heat, let us sweat faster and you can smell it after a short time pretty strictly. Don’t do this to better that yourself and your fellow passengers.
  2. the matching shoes
    It says the shoes are the business card of outfits. And also in flight or at the airport you will recommend themselves under certain circumstances. Means: easy Yes, Flip-Flops No. Fürs flies are perfect loafer or slippers made from leather, which are always elegant and you can rapidly in or slip out. Also fashionable sneakers are suitable for the flight. With a simple, white model, one moves it fashionable in the business class. Take off your shoes in the cabin? Give please on it at Muffled Feet.
  3. classic, muted colors
    The plane is no Carnival-Club. Treat to rest your eyes and those of your fellow passengers and rely on classic, muted colors such as blue, grey, black, cream, white, olive green. Additional benefit: these colours can be combined with each other excellently.
  4. SOS changing wardrobe have
    No, must go twice the outfit not during the flight, as it is known by ‘Vogue’ Paakkanen Anna Wintour . But during a long journey it is advisable to carry the following emergency kit in your carry-on baggage: a pants of change of, a pair of socks, underwear, a T-Shirt/top. Why? From an eight hour flight, the need for fresh linen is understandably high. Also it has each sure ever happened when flying, that tomato juice or chicken curry in the mouth, but on the dud landed.
  5. on the little helper
    The pilot can quickly mutate into the cooling Chamber. So that you don’t freeze or catch a cold: take thick socks and a cuddly (cashmere) cloth with on the plane. The latter can serve even as a pillow. A dark pair of sunglasses can provide some privacy and replace the sleeping mask. A fashionable chain or a concise bracelet are a neat trick to quickly withdraw from the crowd flying with. Always remember: necklaces, rings, etc., which must be laboriously filed, can become the ordeal for other passengers at the security checkpoint.


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