We Know When Comes The Cup of ‘Chip’ to The Primark of Spain and It Is to Die of Love!

Before the imminent release of Beauty and the beast many brands have created special for the occasion collections, and Primark has been one of them. But the low-cost chain could not imagine the anticipation that was going to generate with the ‘Chip’ Cup, the famous and funny character in the film. A piece that has become viral thanks to this model which has been Primark and finally arriving in Spain. Do you want to know when? We have the answer.

The followers of beauty and the beast are in luck (me included) because the cup of Chip Yes will reach Spain and it is to die of love!. That Yes, you still have to wait a few months because the beauty full collection and the beast arriving in stores in late April and will be available until the end of June. It is right in the HomeStretch of this period, at the end of June, When will come the famous Cup that everyone talks about and aims to run out in record time.

A design that has not only wiped out in social networks, is also depleted in the stores of the Irish chain and insurance that will occur here the same. Cup will come to quite a few shops in Spain, some 16 approximately, and is priced from 6 euros.

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The other model Cup is the wallet It is thus of mono. At Jezebel, we want everything, and it is that although we do not have age, these things we become girls.

But there is more, the collection of Beauty and the beast It also includes pyjamas, socks, t-shirts and a bag.

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