WEΔTHER, The Website Where Your Mother Works to Tell You How to Dress According to The Weather Making

-Love, what to wear?
-How do outside?
-Well, how to make, is summer.
– But much heat or little?
-Lot, it’s summer, I repeat.
– And what are you doing today?
-To work, where you expect to go?
-You could then go to dinner there.
-No, I have not invited.
-Then you will spend all day at work with the air conditioning?
-Yes, that is.
– And I know how to make in your office?
-As cold, how to make, is an air conditioning.

And so in the loop, to infinity and beyond. Every day. Get up, slightly open the eyelid and answer that eternal question that only mothers have the omnipresent ability find a single answer. THE response. It is not anything. That, they say that it will rain, it rains. Making bad, will do it. If so, when? That is not your problem. You take that parrandero.wmvby son, you can (emphasis on the pueeeeedessss) have cold. Parrandero.wmvby who returns home to take a burruno without having.

Mothers are behind this so-called web Weather, good WEΔTHER (with a letter Greek delta that becomes Vee servicing replacing the current issues that that name was already registered). They are behind this website because it does not fail. Today recommend me a jersey to take out tonight for Madrid when I go party. It is a little cloudy, minimally runs the wind, it’s a hot of hop but they recommend the jersey. Certainly my mother,.

For all the others who don’t want to think what put it one day and only want to open a web, and which say it (BA) have: WEΔTHER. Enjoy it. Step you can buy items that are selected to compose each look with international brands of good taste. What was said: my mother.

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