Trend Researcher Li Edelkoort Said: Fashion Is Dead.

Li Edelkoort is for as good as or has each and every, anything with fashion on the hat, something like the Oracle of the mother. The expert in the field who was born in 1950 in the Netherlands “trend research” namely long lives in Paris and has known for decades, where the fashion and social trend hammer hangs. She advises companies around the globe and has with her interview, the on the occasion of a lecture in turn recently the Deezen magazine gave them, brought a stone rolling, the man stocking “fashion shaming” could call. The most infamous quote from the recorded conversation with editor Marcus fair is: “fashion is dead”. The responses change for miles between indignation and acclaim, although no one quite wants to dare to contradict the Old Lady of the industry. Finally, her critical remarks at a fairly stable structure. But if you look closely, instead of the shaft the turmoil blindly to follow, then the fashion itself according to Li Edelkoort no bit dead.

Rather, the big F word has come in the years, fashion is quite simply no longer fashion, fashion is different today than it was then. That is, point, end of the mouse. Much more important than the three words picked out by the media “fashion is dead”, yes almost polemically sound without connections, is so not even so bad intentioned rat tail, there hanging on this statement still with it: “this is the end of fashion as we know it. Fashion with a big F is no longer there. And maybe it’s not a problem; Maybe it’s actually a good moment to rethink to.”

“rethink things”, the must and so surely you should. There are many reasons: all of the intermediate collections, the pre-spring and pre-fall, the season change before louder speed almost even beating over that drive not only designers, but also consumers to the edge of madness, this radical sale madness, forcing all shops and online stores, but also the brand itself more and more in the knee, a marketing mechanism, which does it faster thanks to the rise of bloggers and the Celebritysierung of all street style icons , as the lands shown at all in the shops on the catwalk, which at the same time but long us before the “new it pieces” could land at all in our wardrobes, makes almost derogatory against oversaturation and ignorant. It pieces in General, so-called micro trends – who wants to join soon at all there, where things anyway incessantly “Baumelein change you” play. The fashion industry, so how it works right now, is going to cannibalize themselves. Time to change what.

And what about the trappings?

“Fashion shows are becoming ridiculous; 12 minutes long. Driving 45 minutes, 25 minutes waiting. Nobody watches them any more. The editors are just on their phones. Nobody gets carried away by it’s a ridiculous and pathetic parody of what it has been. I know because I’ve Lakes of Thierry Mugler fashion shows which would have 65, 75 models for three quarters of on hour”, Edelkoort is similar even Suzy Menkes. And here she maneuvered themselves I believe that, at least with regard to the Argumentatiosnbasis, all of a sudden even in the off. What a pity. It had started so well.

In which a show still 45 minutes could take gone namely exactly so, as a Western life without the Internet. The downgrade of the current situation as it happens here, reminds therefore tragic way on one in the years lost an advocate the analog world that behaves like a frustrated pensioner neighbors who beds her elbow on a small cushion on the window sill, to the “youth of today” to rant. Lexi from Journelles puts it in a nutshell: “there you should take then a week holiday, if the fashion week is being applied and every designer makes to a presentation!”. So, the question is not whether modern fashion shows have become obsolete, but whether fashion shows in General may not always “unnecessary” were.

Am just as much as I in spite of all digital lines still a great friend of the printed word, difference also still a hellish’s for me (and many others), whether I have a collection on the catwalk with (almost) all your senses “feel” and can understand, or whether she sober, dumb and gefühlsarm is beamed me via E-mail on the screen. A back and forth of the vanities? May be. But fashion in the sense of “fashion” and not in the sense of “functional clothing” was always a decadent luxury goods that could come only through the Geltungsdrang of the people. Today’s fashion mainstream. Fashion is a business. And it’s always about money, which is not only helpful, but understandable. This is one of the biggest problems anchored? Jein. The real devil is called “yaw”. There were no more with a million are satisfied, if at least a more neutral this might come. No later than this fashion is get into the vortex of perversion.

“And then marketing of course killed the whole thing. It’s governed by greed and not by vision. There’s no innovation any more because of that,” Edelkoort stankert further. It just go to “clothes” and no longer to the dreams of the people or to what is happening in our society. I see it a bit differently, which is why I the eternal “it is just copied everything was there Schonmal” discourse tends to weary am.

At some point the limits of portable fashion are perhaps initially reached – what remains to us, are the new technologies, new materials. Until they are really mature until they really make sense, I will not peel me in an LED lined cocktail dress, just the “innovation” sake. Instead I rejoice rather on the wonderful new interpretations of the long ago past. Digging in previous decades has for me also with inaction as rather with longing to do, and, contrary to the allegations expressed by Edelkoort, with the society in which we are moving.

Take as an example the revival of the 70s, that just so violently hits us like a box hit by Rocky. We know what the seventies stand without to have seen even a single year, we know, or think better know to which life revolve Bell-Bottoms, Janis Joplin’s music and round sunglasses. That’s the point. Perhaps our minds have even badly needed that bit of nostalgia due to the geopolitical situation. We make it no different than our parents or grandparents so basically. We make it just a second time.

Here go to the Deezen magazine.


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