Transparent Boots of Kylie Jenner to Test. Result? Very Very Unpleasant

A few days ago Kylie Jenner wore a rather strange and extravagant trend: transparent plastic boots that let see your feet. As with all what makes the celebrity, Internet is insane by replicate her look with this original shoes. However, is not gold that glitters. And in this case, more than gold there is sweat, a lot of sweat.

26 Nov, 2016 (s) 3:25 PST

When Kylie Jenner took these women in their Instagram boots, all react. Plastic, transparent and with heel game. They seem to a modern version and very cool of the Cinderella glass shoes. Nearly 50,000 comments and half of Twitter sighing by these boots. That if “a styling great sporty”, if “what passing of spoils”, that “it will be the new trend of the moment” or if “transparent shoes are the most”.

I saw Kylie Jenner wearing clear heels and puma sweat pants, so I bought clear heels and puma sweatpants.

— (@CEDubb09) tammy November 27, 2016

When you want these boots, but your feet aren ‘ as pretty as @KylieJenner t ‘ s

— Kylie & Kendall (@JennerJellybean) November 27, 2016

Kylie Jenner

— Unoriginal Trend (@unoriginaltrend) November 27, 2016

Of the word to the action is a step, and Internet has given it. After this joint expression of love and desire for Kylie Jenner Yeezy boots, some girls have put them to test. And oh, surprise!, has not been an experience so trendy and stylish as we think.

An example that what we see on Instagram bit has to do with the reality. What is that reality? As that the plastic rubs and makes blisters; and your feet do not sweat. In other words, in a matter of minutes we had the glamour of Kylie Jenner feet to look like a Turkish sauna. Something similar to what we think will happen with the new cowboy by Topshop.

A shared publication of #YourFave6Footer (@bourgeoisgurl) 30, 2016 (s) Sep 7:22 PDT

Feet steaming up like some snow crab legs

— You trollin? (@Well_Damn_Jesse) March 7, 2017

Actually, the plastic does not pass the air and it becomes a greenhouse full of condensation at our feet, perfect for making broth culture to fungi or any other skin disease. Once again, the trends are debate when they cross the ridiculousness. Would not have been better to try a nice socks?

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