This Is The Pledge That He Promises to Replace Your Leggings Next Season

Leggings are the Kings of our outfits, that we know it. However, no one said never had his secure reign and now hangs by a thread. And it is that, in this effort to comfort, a new option is gaining ground. They are the joggers or cotton trousers. Yes, at first they seem very relaxed, but the formula of these influencers will surprise you to combine them in a chic and sophisticated way.

The joggers are not something new, already a couple of years are making war. However, this season they are imposing and gaining much prominence, especially in urban looks and sporty like the previous ones. Sports, a sweater or sweatshirt and a jacket style biker are the ingredients to get outfits so casual and cool as these.

We open our mind and not reduce them only athleisure style, there is life beyond! We can always lift them slightly by changing the sports for flat shoes, and give a touch more boho with accessories such as wool beanies. We never thought to bring a garment that seems made for at home as well, but seeing the images no doubt us that works.

And already, why not get on a pair of heels? With the cotton joggers the tendency of the sweatshirt with high heels is not so extreme nor daring, even the most timid can prove it. The result is classic of what one would expect, especially with shirts. Convenience has taken one further step beyond, and with outfits like these can not complain.

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