This Fashion Gefellt No Longer!

Animals may be killed only “if it serves the higher interests, is necessary and proportionate” – so the representation of countries established a new draft of the law of the Federal Council, which shall prohibit the keeping of fur-bearing animals in Germany. But the thinking encounters criticism.

The Federal Council wants to “the suffering of animals prevent” that are executed only for fur production. The Bill was adopted last Friday – actually in the interests of animal protection. But as the German fur Institute now responds with an official statement on its press portal , the opposite was achieved to a maximum.

Fur coats, like this here from Fendi, shall no longer be produced according to a new draft of the law in Germany.

A “strike against animal welfare”
So the demand for fur in Germany was “legitimate” and will not go down for the time being. If the new law prevails, the fur production would therefore not be stopped, but migrate only to the East – the situation of animals a deterioration. In Germany at least, the majority of the German fur animal breeders would have completed training to the animal host.

Draft not yet adopted
According to the Institute have the decision makers in the Federal Council “at the decision by the emotional agenda of the animal rights movement be guided.” Anyway: several parties have expressed already approvingly. the German animal welfare society anyway. On Friday, the draft law was presented the Federal Government which has now six weeks time, to express themselves and to forward the draft to the Parliament.

Many companies renounce voluntarily
Even without a law some textile companies refrain from breeding fur already. So about Hugo Boss has recently declared the coming year fully “fur-free” wanted to work; modeled on labels like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Stella McCartney, ASOS and Zara.


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