The Miniskirt Is Birthday Come in 50 Years

One of our basic and favorite clothes of our wardrobe is birthday: the mini-skirt. This piece of pop style and revolutionary in the world of fashion celebrates its 50th birthday. In this post I have a little bit of its history, without a doubt, the miniskirt has become a cult garment.

A bit of history


It all began in 1962 when Mary Quant, a British designer, presented a unique garment from her London boutique: the miniskirt. The shop was called Bazaar and was located on Kings Road. Legend has it that one day a girl cut her skirt with a pair of scissors so you don’t molestara you when cleaning the apartment. That day a young and unknown designer visited her. It was Mary Quant. In 1962 Mary presented her first collection of clothes with miniskirts. That same year the article appeared in the pages of the British edition of Vogue magazine. In 1965 Quant presented their miniskirts in a parade in New York.

The first miniskirt measuring only 15 cm above the knee and that it shocked in London. After the British Royal family allowed to wear skirts with a minimum of 7 cm above the knee and Mary Quant began to design new models for Vivienne Westwood. And is that 1974 Westwood considered mainly responsible for the aesthetic associated with the punk and New Wave, puts fashion leather mini skirts, leaky t-shirts and the stilettos.

Turn star


The miniskirt It became a garment with some symbol of freedom and the look for the new pop culture, which by the way, was fascinated by men. Brigitte Bardot, Nancy Sinatra, Lady Di or Madonna They pointed to the mini.

He is currently a garment of worship that looks both for informal and prom outfits. And best of all, there are many versions, since the miniskirt adapts to trends.

Curious facts

On the occasion of this anniversary has carried out an investigation about the miniskirt and the result is really amazing. It is the most popular among all types of skirts around the world and sells one of every 34 minutes. The funny thing is that 30% of purchases of miniskirts make them men, something that leaves me astonished.

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