The Highlights & Tone Angeber Weekend: Celine, Chloe, Acne Studios, Isabel Marant & Lion

Oh Paris, you best of all fashion cities, you. Went from dreams and foaming’s continued last weekend in France fashion stronghold of – and one remains clear as dumpling soup: the 70s continue to belong to the main tendencies and Clare Waight Keller aka mastermind behind Chloe’s is comfortable in the winter of 2015 at the top at the top of the arguably most influential fashion designer of the time. Of course next to Phoebe Philo from Celine – but with a nose ahead. And mytheresa chief buyer Justin O’Shea brought it the weekend crisp to the point: who doesn’t want to be Chloe a girl? -Just. At the moment probably each.

Slotted flared trousers, deep waistband, hippieske 70s Maxi dresses, toggle closures, Flügelchenarmel, delicate transparency, baby cord, waist belt, Bell sleeves and a decent load patches., we remain friends depressed and can get the year 2015 of the sophisticated version just isn’t enough. Our highlights of the weekend plus watchlist:

Oh, Chloé – you find more pictures as always in vogue.

Dedicated her collection to the international women’s day and does one thing clearly: the Chloé woman has evolved from a delicate, shy woman into a self-assured Lady. And fits the description of Hella Schneider: the seventies was the Decade of modern feminism, searched for the 1960s and their sexual liberation and women found their new roles in this newfound freedom. Possibly the codes of the 1970s contact today us, because our time is not so dissimilar in their thoughts of departure at least the seventies. And maybe we take his aesthetic codes soon not even more than from the 1970s, true, but as the present.

We’ll know so:

Delicate chiffon, Maxi dresses and tassels are the dream couple of the season soft, feminine influences meet masculine details how the close-fitting collar is a strict West no longer velvet & baby cord.

Rigor gives way to _MON0015 more and more and can be too soft, feminine influences, without Phoebe Philo to depart minimalist concept. Here and there they appear naturally, these creations from a cast who we admired so much in the past few seasons. So slowly but surely you added more playful details and highlights the feminine: Femininere proportions, cut-outs and a 24/7 claim: time undone, time above styling again completely everyday use. So, times so and so: the Céline woman can do everything, if she like.


Trumpet sleeves, bittesehr! A wide variety of materials in a creation: patchwork! Color-blocking why we not previously came up with the idea of shoulder bags?

Acne Studios – a breather for 70s opponents. More pictures can be found here.

The new oversized? The 70s oversized in the here us now transported? Jonny Johanssons is working on his beloved silhouette and she pulls down upcoming season just – and it conjures up a waist: A remake of the 80s Silhoutte maybe? To anticipate one: the watch in the home acne Studios us somewhat longer not been addressed, no heart palpitations raise more and drive us whatever rare heart in the eyes – in contrast to the creations that come at the beginning of the next season in the shops. So, there’s the show „ acne “ and there is the reality „ acne “ –, and unfortunately they move more and more of each other. Granted, that’s not bad, if the surprises in the store just follow – it’s just simply scary bad.

Remember we should give us yet:

Duffle coats celebrate their big comeback-impact shorts must be cut back and thick stitching blow so more at every oversized can be to special detail creations in the wardrobe easily with a drawstring at the waist more closely be fastened

Isabel Marant remains true to – here you can see the entire collection.

It’s a home game of a special kind for Isabel Marant, as her creations are so timely and to the point like never before: your folk impact and their delicate hippie touch could not more accurate hit the nerve of the time at the moment. While their colleagues so put on new strikes, Mme Marant does exactly what they can do best: to remain true. One thing however she has moved away: by the wedge heel. And last but not least, this makes us now the greatest Isabel Marant fans!

We’ll know:

Wing sleeve: I am in love with! Gerüschte skirts and thigh high boots: Check! Blouses are back geschnürrt

Lion logs back – all pictures here.

001-lion 009 lion 032-lion

J.W.Anderson lion or also: pacemaker for a long forgotten brand. The good news is: lion could just surprise us, because we have to be honest: there was no picture at all from a DNA in our head. What now follows is either an „ Yes, that looks great from “ or a „ well, not my style “ – and J.W. Anderson provides for the former and creates looks that immediately and without detours are likely to move into our closet: cool, relaxed, very comfortable and at the same time strong.

We’ll know:

Wide leg was never more beautiful and as counterpart a delicate chiffon dress may even not a tightly-fitting upper part to inspire leather in different walks of life takes off immediately also flirt with wide pants

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