The Feel Greg Kadel, But Number Did Good Tweaking a Karlie Kloss

Speaking of kilos less or more in fashion is very complicated, someone always goes out hurt, offended, or misunderstood. The latest controversy comes from the hand of the magazine Number and an editorial photographed by Greg Kadel with Karlie Kloss as the protagonist.

The images took days to speak for their extreme thinness, bones here and there, and her clearly naked. What was not expected is that editing made by the magazine was because of bickering. The photographer has shown its total disagreement because his work has been transformed..

“It was Greg’s desire to represent Karlie as she is naturally… slender, athletic, and beautiful.” That is why I have released the images as I intended them to be seen by the public. He is shocked and dismayed that unbeknownst to him, number took it upon themselves to airbrush over his original images. “Greg stands by his original artwork and cannot stress enough that I not only was unaware of the magazine’s retouching but also finds the airbrushing of Karlie unacceptable and unnecessary.”

Maybe Greg desire was to photograph it in the most natural way possible, then, do we understand that there is not a shred of photoshop? (NO). It can a photographer art should be as respected as an ecce homo of Leonardo Da Vinci but no, these ribs are not beautiful. They are neither natural nor acceptable.

It is no coincidence that the subject of the ecce homo Spanish have reached the gossip fashion and that is mentado to support the thesis that a work of art must not be retouched so.

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