The Controversy Is Served: The 11 Most Controversial Fashion Campaigns

Controversy and controversy are perhaps two of the words more connected to the world of fashion. Extremely thin models, girls who work as mannequins from an early age, and above all, a excess of erotic content in campaigns and ads that you leave no one indifferent. Miu Miu has been the last to join Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana or Gucci, firms that have been the tail of censorship in their campaigns, although it could not be otherwise, because yours are among the most controversial of all time.

The Eroticism of Gucci had its censorship

In a blink of eyes this spring-summer 2003 Gucci campaign It was censored in hundreds of countries. In it, the model Carmen Kass showed his shaved pubic hair with the logo of the firm. Too much sexual content for a campaign that took just a few seconds of life.

The twelve apostles of Marithe François Girbaud

It was in 2005 when Marithé and François Girbaud it suffered censorship in their own flesh. The most conservative wing of the religion put the cry in heaven to see such image before it. It is represented the last supper of Leonardo da Vinci where each and every one of the Apostles and Jesus himself were embodied by women.

Fashion as cocaine, by Sisley

Sisley It is also in this list. The mark sought controversy with this campaign in 2007, when he photographed to two models simulating drugs with a dress in his collection. On the picture you can also see a slogan, “Fashion junkie”, putting shows addiction posed their garments.

A cry against anorexia that was not well understood

Thinness has been a recurrent topic the last few decades. The too-thin models have been the order of the day, achieving that the controversy to her around was a constant. It was for this reason that Nolita decided to launch a message clear in 2006, No to anorexia. In his campaign, Isabelle Caro sick with anorexia, posed naked with a mission to educate society, however received criticism were of all types.

Dolce & Gabbana, leading to removing campaigns

Dolce & Gabbana is one of those experts in removing campaigns. This 2007, was one of the hottest in which a woman was subjected to the force by a man While the rest remained impassive before such an action.

The controversy of Loewe and his Gold Collection

The controversy generated by the Loewe gold collection is another story.

The Spanish firm suffered a monumental viral social networks thanks to the publication of your video. In it a group of young “children’s”, attempting (without success) to convey the essence of the 1980s, while the brand is shielded in a attempt to approach young people in today’s society. However, public opinion agreed that this campaign only denigrated the image of Loewe, even to assert a substantial loss of values.

Unhate, kisses and controversy everywhere

Equality is one of the sought after by Benetton and their campaigns are usually loaded with messages in favour of it. They are not always right with them.

Benetton launched a series of images under the motto in 2011 Unhate. In them, leaders and political and religious enemies appeared kissing. Obama, Sarkozy, Merkel and even the previous Pope shared kisses right and left, and as expected the reactions were instant.

Be stupid, a motto which took no effect

Diesel nor is back in it comes to controversy. “With the slogan” Smart have the brains, but stupid have the balls “Be stupid” (intelligent ones have brains, but the stupid ones have noses. Be stupid) and a series of photographs in which It encouraged children to do mischief, the brand garnered a barrage of criticism in 2010.

When Emanuel Ungaro turned too explicit

Emanuel Ungaro He was prisoner of your images not one but twice. The first in 1990, when he was a campaign in which the models seemed to have sex with dogs, and little later bet on masturbation in another one of your ads.

Racism and the Donna Karan campaign

Remembered and criticized equally is this campaign of Donna Karan. In it the model Adriana Lima posing inside a covered wagon in Haiti, where a couple of Haitians seemed to hide from the camera in search of an intimacy that had stolen them. There were many criticisms which received the signature for this campaign to put the issue of racism in everyone’s lips.

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