The 19 Incomprehensible Poses Only Would See in a Fashion Campaign

Naturalness is not going too with some part of fashion. The campaigns they are the best field to grow a brand and create a fantasy world to your around. How varies depending on where you look. The models can be transformed into authentic balancers rather of the most incomprehensible poses that we would only see in fashion. Why pose with a style close when you can do it one is extravagant and that is striking in the eyes of the Viewer? It must be remembered, and therefore must be given to speak.

Boasting of fishing day

A good day of fishing he deserves his fair prize. The big picture of two meters hung in the Hall of the rustic restaurant with success cane at his side. Clear that if you have a Devon Aoki to climb on top of the suggestive fish on the shoulders of a strengthened Paul Boche Photo wins integers. In the imagination of Pierpaolo Ferrari Kenzo You can reach new markets by diversifying its business to the premium feed and their campaign spring-summer 2014.

Dream foreshortening

If the Italian Quattrocento lifted his head and saw the new fashion campaigns to Andrea Mantegna and company face looked forward them. Their foreshortenings they are an essential part of most varied deliveries. They are everywhere, with more or less success, but the models have finished by internalizing that their bones are not fixed, but can be finished in all kinds of positions, even though they are little encouraging. That is to say Juergen Teller and his work in Celine. Julia Nobis is still recovering from the summer of 2014.

The horse is the new sofa

A sofa is mainstream, too apparently. Grandma rake furniture are also very burned, we must find new sources of inspiration to achieve that the model rest in comfortable and natural way, that everything seems fluid. Alexander McQueen looking for your particular ‘game of Thrones’ to the back of a spectacular horse so Edie Campbell overreach on this for the camera by Steven Klein, in the campaign autumn/winter 2014 / 2015.

So is hitchhiking

You can be anyone you take the road to the hitch-hiking. The problem is yours, since you are not doing well, don’t know the keys to succeed. Better learn from Christy Turlington, she knows how to dress the fashion of Missoni, brand expert in campaigns more strange, and pose with grace on the edge of the highway with a colorful poster portraying Viviane Sassen.

The most helpful

If you do not strip to the bathroom your favorite bar is because you dare not. That night club awaits you on the ground to pursue a new approach to the bathroom photos. The mirror is too topical, now takes contact with the cold tile, as does Anna Ewers to the needs of its companion of cast, Zuzu Tadeushuk Steven Klein photography.

Stockholm syndrome with showcase

The days of shopping around the city looking at shop windows may eventually develop Stockholm syndrome as a veteran Stella Tennant did see the young Anna Ewers in the showcase of Versace. Although this time will play its role of free-form, the pink of the Italian firm in the hands of Mert & Marcus can generate confusion.

Table for one

Foodies have tired to make a simple photo to the dish of the day. You have to enjoy the restaurant from another point of view. Do you see that tree put inside? It is crying out to wear the prom dress so seductive that under the table not highlights. So Adriana Lima one goes up to the platform and poses with Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.

The christmas of Christmas

It takes ideas for next Christmas, view rehearsing with the proposals of the brands to ensure that your christmas is the most special of all. How? Easy. Get some penguins, some balloons and a look of the Primark for a natural portrait and a headdress with which you could go to buy bread around the neighborhood.

Sunbathing on the beach

It is true, Christmas is still far away, Let’s enjoy what comes. Beaches and their good time. With both climate change, problems of the rays of the Sun on the skin and the finished egg of winter days the first days can become walking prawns. Better to avoid it and buried in the sand, as does the cast of Valentino to Michal Pudelka. Cool sunglasses and guaranteed success.

Back problems?

With both foreshortening can that you’re developing back problems. We don’t ask why, it is a collateral damage by following the trends of the moment. Go straight again become fashionable next season, time Julia Bergshoeff ignores David Sims and crouch to get its most beautiful side with Proenza Schouler.

Or with glue

Among the incomprehensible poses with the antagonistic pairs. Justin Bieber is even still believe that Lara Stone tucked him with his arms. Calvin Klein He said his birthday present while the German top showered him death threats by touching the idol of many girls in Disney.

Boxing looks over the ring

No show on front row, even less on television. The Boxing there to experience it from the inside, so the blows of the boxers you can feel as if they were against one’s self, with the exception of finishing without a bruise. Chanel dress to its two models, face Delevingne and Binx Walton for that Karl Lagerfeld make them the photo of rigor with a suitable for this sport model.

Family photo

The traditions are being lost and that cannot be accepted. We must return to the family portraits, perched more natural with Sunday clothes and headdresses of the grandmother. TO Edie Campbell They said: bring your family to the new Lanvin campaign that will leave very handsome. And she did not hesitate a moment. Tim Walker He could dedicate himself to this.

Photo with colleagues

My colleagues are one family more. Especially if they carry so many years together as the generation of top models of the 90s. You had to relive the good times, those years whose looks had been kept in the trunk of memories for the common good. Carolyn Murphy, Karen Elson, Raquel Zimmermann and Saskia de Brauw continue as if they had 20 years.

And you how testing the Cowboys?

A good pair of jeans have to be tough. You never know which position you will do, or what situation you’ll have to live. Better try all kinds of options so that you are well prepared before the challenges of everyday life. Who tells you that you’re not done in this manner with your G-Star Raw jeans?

Make the dead

Fainting, dizziness or death with the last season of summer dress. The fashion madness can lead to unexpected situations. Victoria Beckham is only limited to image with its new campaign together with Colin Dodgson.

Water resistant

Hedonism and the search by the innermost landscapes can be finished with the models enjoying the warm temperatures of the Baltic Sea on the island of the lighthouse in Sweden. Pull & Bear wants to test the water resistance of your garments. From designs maxi, winter has its intense days of rain.

What opinaría your grandma?

Yes your grandmother you seen pose of all these forms could worry. You would look with the face of disbelief, amazed by the trends and items most interesting of Dolce & Gabbana and by the lack of clarity of her granddaughter. Have I given too much food for so many years that it has been a little touched? Take care of her, she would not make it, not give it these scares.

Dogs life

If the models can also be them. The dogs may be the new top models of the 21st century, just need to Trussardi continue trusting them to pose the more elegantly in their campaigns, with photographers such as William Wegman. Pedigree 100%.

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