The 11 Series That Have Marked The Street Fashion Since The 70’s Until Today

The fashion and TV series are closely related. Trends and fashions come not only from the big screen, the small also has much to do with the way in which you wear or for designers, when planning their collections. Here is a list with some of the series that most marked the costumes for every age.


Dallas, this Texas-based telenovela fashion was as dramatic as the plots of its protagonists. The skirts were long, high sizes, there was no look that does not carry shoulder pads and, always bright colors. Not to mention hats cowboy carrying all the male protagonists.

With Bill Travilla in front of the Wardrobe (an Emmy was for his work) the looks of its protagonists cost an average of $1,500 arriving on special occasions to $5,000.

Apartment for 3

The looks of the protagonists of the “Apartment for 3” series were the typical picture of the fashion of the 70s and perfectly could hang on the racks of American Apparel stores: monkeys, high-waisted, feminine blouses and Dickies jeans shorts and a perennial platforms.

Feeling of living

And I don’t mean the revival of a few years ago, but the original 90210, which breathed style nineties, his Brenda, its Kelly and his Dylan. where the mom jeans was the order of the day, the crop long sleeve tops were something common to the Institute, baby dolls were combined with biker boots and garments were three larger sizes.

The Prince of Bel-Air

Would that not these influenced by Will Smith and his troupe? Think it better: double denim, overalls, sneakers as your usual footwear, shirts of pictures hanging in pairs in your closet, the jersey knotted at the waist…

The current fashion is almost a carbon copy of what led to the West in Philadelphia and then, in one of the best neighborhoods of Los Angeles. We only need to have an Uncle Phil and we change our mother after a few years without that we realize. Or Yes, that change was evident.


Minimalism that prevails these days had not had anything to do with Blossom and her friend Six. Dresses with prints of dubious stylistic taste, looks for inspiration male (those vests!) and XXL hats got that series had an own clothing line.

The American adolescents even created a fan club the clothing of the players and they called or sent faxes (Yes, there was a pre-Internet era) asking for clothes that used the Stylist of the series, Sherry Thompson.

Sexo en Nueva York

Carry Bradshaw, her dressing room and all the clothes and shoes than this columnist the minijobs pioneer (would nobody stopped to think how could afford a wardrobe so that work?) stored in his small Manhattan floor have caused havoc in the form of fashion that have many and it is that the boom of sex in New York, still exists although the series ended years ago.

The marry a few blue Manolos already is the order of the day, endorsed by the very same Olivia Palermo and phrases such as “I like to have my money where can see it, hanging in my closet.” or “when I got to the city I didn’t have the money for dinner, but bought me the Vogue, which filled me more” are, sadly, the mottos of many.


The 1990s were also heavily influenced so got the girls from Friends. In addition to the character of Jennifer Aniston haircut, known at the time the American hair salons like “The Rachel”, mentions by the work of this from brands such as Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, Gucci or stores Bloomingdales made that fashion was very present in the series. Needless to say that Rachel Green It was number one of the cowl neck Defender.

The OC

The boom that was The OC was what catapulted to Mischa Burton (Marissa Cooper) and Rachel Bilson (Summer Roberts) the stylistic stardom. Live in Orange Country, doing pool parties and dress every day of Dior, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Diane Von Furstenberg or even carry a Chanel cocktail dresses It was the day of Marissa Cooper.

Although well thought out, those who truly were the Kings of this series were Ryan and Seth, two very different ways of understanding men’s fashion (and alter the hormones of half the world).

Mad Men

The case of Mad Men is those who has inspired more catwalks than people of a foot. And is to leave the House with that kind of dresses at eight in the morning work could make your neighbors you take by crazy.

The series based on an advertising agency in the 1960s has made this decade one of the most important trends in recent years parades. Few designers have resisted imagine Betty Francis, Joan Holloway or Peggy Olson modern.

Gossip Girl

Alongside Mad Men, Gossip Girl has been one of the highest inspirations come from the small screen to the fashion industry. The tan important role which was the fashion in the plots of the series was that many designers and characters of the scene done cameos in some episode (only there Rachel Zoe would be left pulling a chocolate fountain above). Not to mention the times that we have dreamed of having in Blair Waldorf, Serena Van der Woodsen Cabinet… or both at the same time.

A series that just like The OC with Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson, raised their protagonists to fashion icons.


The series created and starring Lena Dunham is the new fashion concept. That in which the clothing is purchased in vintage shops or second hand and hipsters are the masters of the world (better known as Brooklyn).

Girls is a series that features the errors that you make until you find yourself and the same goes for the main characters and their choices of clothing, such as when Jessa attends work babysitting with a transparent dress and underwear neon.

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