Styling Tips for the Malermeisterinnen Look

Breaking news! The it girls of this world have chosen a new favorite part of warm temperatures: the speech is called the white jumpsuit, also jumpsuit onesie. Our site shows the best white one piece and know how to styling them now.

By painter master operating on the red carpet – with its handle to the white jumpsuit of stylish Fashionista circles around Sienna Miller (33) and Kendall Jenner (19) is exactly right, because the white one piece is the perfect companion for hot summer days. Why? The high comfort of the Onesie offers us is of course in the first place. Once slipped et voila – in a matter of seconds we are finished and dressed in chic. Also the white one pieceleaves us a white canvas, much creative freedom, similar to what relates to the perfection of the outfit.

Here are 3 Tips for the new summer must-have:

1 who is it?

White wears on, making pale and one piece are only for large, thin women? It depends on. Of course, there’s nothing better than the color white in conjunction to Sun-brown skin, and long, slender legs are usually quite advantageous. As in almost all garments, material and cutting are crucial but also for the purchase of white one piece.

From cheap synthetic fibers made and poorly processed, they look not nice even in women with Sun gekuesstem complexion and endless legs of Gazelle. Access to high-quality materials such as silk, satin and cotton. And clear: white makes from roundish not just super slim. But those who opt for a well-fitting cut, can cheat even a few pounds lighter himself with a white one piece – this has the same effect as an all-black outfit. By the way even fashionistas with pale complexion may breathe relaxed: white emphasizes the natural skin tone and makes appear a little tanned as a result.

  1. What does the white one piece?

Whether noble statement jewelry, handbags in metallic tones or just bright red lips – styling technically you can romp right on a flat one piece in white. For example, the combination of different materials loosens up the Total White Look . Select, for example, a white cotton Blazer to the white silky onesie. Or combine them with each other, such as Pearl White with broken nuances such as eggshell or ivory various white shades. So a white outfit doesn’t look guaranteed hospital or “dream ship”-Uniform. Untenrum the old rule applies: slim and larger women may like to combine to flats, such as white sneakers or black sandals, the Unitard. Otherwise pumps or Stilettos – such as leather grey or champagnerfarbenem – recommend the white onesie generally rather because one is blessed, not just with model mass it works with flat shoes quickly somewhat robust.

  1. and where do I wear it?

Can you wear the white completely look outside the Hamburger sailing scene? Yes – if you can on the sunglasses of Aviator, waived the sailing shoes and pearl earrings. The color white is a solid alternative for those who want to use understatement but when sunny weather, wear no black. Whether in the town gekrempeltem leg, denim jacket and sneakers, in the Park to sandals and hat in the Office to the Blazer or a cocktail party with Stilettos – depending on the cut and combined with the right parts of the white one piece adapts to any occasion. Amal Clooney (36) gave her George in the white onesie even your vows. By the way: Just like black also a white All-Over look even makes elegant casual outfits. With a high-quality, white one piece in the wardrobe you can make so nothing wrong.


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