So Are The New Fashion Jeans of The Celebrities. Aims Its Name: DL1961

It is one of the basic garment more we wear, some even not removed it one day. It can be that the the jeans market have so many signatures that it is impossible to remember all, but every so often there is one that stands out from the rest and seeks to earn your site, especially if they are coupled with the celebrities of the moment, who act as ambassadors for fashion brand. Do you know DL1961? It says its name because it will grow.

DL1961, American taste

With less than seven years of history DL1961 aiming to create the Cowboy with perfect fitting. Trousers that look for your most comfortable side, thought for the day to day, and to be 24 hours without removing it, according to the own brand. Maliha Ahmed He is the owner and creative director at the same time. For the spring-summer 2015 campaign have been counting on the young Danish model Amanda Nørgaard.

“Since DL1961 not have Grandma and her cowboy is considered as the”smarter denim in the world”thanks to the technology used to create them. ‘” Intelligent denim’ is one of the lines that the company, which have developed techniques that protect the cowboy of the bacteria that cause the smell when we use it, depending on the brand. The cowboy will have more life and keep cool.

Looking for the it girls

Although DL1961 is one marks for woman, man and child they have opted for the female celebrities When it comes to associate his jeans with big names that grow in popularity and crossing in buyers, who may be looking for the look of these. Sienna Miller to Lupita Nyong’o ‘ or, Jennifer Lawrence and Olivia Wilde. DL1961 list has a few women who create fashion and with an outstanding personality.

For this season, becoming one of the trends of the moment, fringed DL1961 is driving their shorts with this type of design. A style suitable for Alessandra Ambrosio and Jamie Chung.

And young audiences

Young people is crucial, hence DL1961 do not leave women like Selena Gomez and Victoria Justice, both with a legion of fans behind him. They have become one of the common brand with all kinds of designs and models.

Buy them in Spain

DL1961 It is not available in stores at this time in Spain through establishments. The brand is expanding through multi-brand shops for the rest of the world and in Europe is gradually coming to France, England and Ireland. Russia and the Arab countries are interesting markets where already entered, although its strength remains his country of origin, United States, where is through major chains as Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus or Saks Fith Avenue, among others.

Amazon is the most feasible option for get your DL1961 in Spain, Since the online store has available a small selection of models. It shows how the U.S. company continues to expand its list of new brands to deliver different content in this section.

  • DL1961 Angel Wall, a few skinny jeans model by 99 euros.
  • The model Emma DL1961 Canal, a few skinny jeans by 99 euros.
  • A different version with the model Harlow DL1961 Alley, a few biker jeans by 149 euros.

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