Snapshots of the Day Press Day at Haberlein & Mauerer – Autumn/Winter 2015

Press days Berlin already in March? The very cunning foxes among you are now clip and say: Yes. Häberlein & Mauerer is namely snuck out of the official interfaces and the collection presentations of their clients for the upcoming season (winter 2015) brought forward their press day, that is to say, to give enough attention to every single line. You must know, namely, that the German Press days, all fashion agencies in Berlin for the press, buyers and bloggers open day, which will be to the race against time: stop and own soup cooked – and a full day for Timberland, MCM, ESPRIT, adidas originals and co together with the final dinner at the art space New West Berlin, which must soon move on. 

But everything after the series: happy autumn/winter 2015

ESPRIT, we can repeat often enough: who still underestimated you, has no idea, what he’s missing! In the gallery you can see what the current summer brings us while our snapshots ever tell you what tastes of winter: to more 70s. PA jackets, tunics, flared pants and very much impact of boho. We are to make us ESPRIT soon more times – so much was ever promised at this point. Well, what do you say?


Timberland can just sailing shoes and boots? Shucks with sauce, Timberland can be much more: create for example winter jackets that keep too warm or conjure up leather jackets out of the hat, which smell like quality. And of course boots fashion and for this to do with the Harris Tweed-Spezi Tweed together. Winter ready. So then in the coming October.

Hach, Milla

From the other brands we were allowed to do unfortunately still no pictures. We update you but of course now, if there s new info and snapshots.

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