Sandals with Socks for The Nights of Celebration, Suitable for Our Environment?

The trends they are thus, many love them but many others hate them. There’s nothing like creating that effect so something destroy or, at least, have importance and it is clear that sandals with sock continues to give much to talk about. If you use it Carrie Bradshaw soon goes to the streets but always complicated fashions will be complicated. Even so, the more risky dare to walk down the street with your precious (and elected) socks and his favorite leather sandals, but do you understand the bulk of people this trend?

Off White

Don’t tell me why but in Spain There are still not very usual to see this in every day. Neither this, nor other many trends that in some countries of Europe and America are much more everyday. The truth is that fashion exists so that we play with her and we enjoy ourselves, that, perhaps, does not have much sense using a sandal (usually summer) with a sock to combat the cold, but who said what makes sense and what not? It is time for risk and also for daring to put those things that many times we do not get out of shame. What do you think of this trend?

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