Rachel Bilson and Her Style Warholiano

A few days ago we saw it very hippie headband hair (we know that it follows closely the trends) and signs of peace and love in the arms. Not is if it would be rehearsing your costume for Halloween or something like that, but still a´si the Bilson looked very good. Note that we worship it?

As well, your other proposal this week goes in the line of Campbell’s Soup cans or in the psicoldelia of the contrastanes colors to the Pollock. And that is why to go to the super market with her beau, Hayden Christensen decided to choose something colorful and at the same time very avant garde. Therefore they donned in a hand-painted silk dress of Chloé and kept as relaxed with some Havaianas.

It changed its Chanel Green by a Wayfarer Ray Ban ultraclasicas carey and other accessory ornament was Hayden beside. There is no doubt that even to go shopping the girl has style. I already want to see me going to the market with a Chloe dress.

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