Punta Arenas and Puerto Montt, Chile

Punta Arenas and Puerto Montt, Chile

Punta Arenas

According to Wholevehicles, on the shores of the Strait of Magellan is the city of Punta Arenas (“sand cape”), which once occupied not the last place in the port map of South America. Luxurious mansions and palaces in the historical part of the city remind of the former splendor, and all the details of exciting historical events are revealed by the exposition of the Regional Museum of Local Lore.

5 things to do in Punto Arenas:

  1. Go to the free economic zone of Frank, where you can buy goods of world brands without extra charges.
  2. stand on the top of the La Cruz hill, exposing your face to the warm winds and enjoying the panorama of the strait and the northern part of Tierra del Fuegoseen in the distance.
  3. Visit the Otway penguin colonies and Mylodon Cave, where the remains of prehistoric animals and primitive people were found.
  4. Go skiing at a local ski resort.
  5. Go fishing on the local lakes of General Ibáñez, Risopatron, Termas de Puyuhuapi.

How to get there

This hilly area is isolated from other Chilean cities, so it can be reached by air or water, such as from Santiago. Regular buses run on international routes.

Entertainment and attractions

Other things to do in Punto Arenas:

  • visit Big Waterfalls within walking distance from the city.
  • walk through the unique national park in the Mann Raphael lagoon.
  • admire the ice blocks of ice that fall into the water at San Valentin Bay.
  • take a ferry ride for 60 USDto the opposite side of the Strait of Magellan to the Tierra del Fuego archipelagoto visit the village of Porvenir. Many of its inhabitants are immigrants, mainly from Croatia.

Puerto Montt

Chile has its own gateway to the amazing Lake District. The city of Puerto Montt, built up with beamed houses with gabled tiled roofs, is covered with ivy and permeated with a European atmosphere.

6 things to do in Puerto Monte:

  1. Spend some of your savings in one of the few casinos in the country in the town of Puerto Varas.
  2. Visit the highest waterfall in Chile, Huilo Huilo, located on the shores of Lake Neltume, or the Salto del Laja waterfall, which is 25 km northwest of Los Angeles.
  3. Visit the nationally famous cattle show in Osorno.
  4. On the island of Chiloe, personally count all 150 capllas churches near the Chiloe National Park.
  5. Buy masterpieces of local craftsmen at the Anhelmo seaside market.
  6. Take a walking march around Maillen Island with an experienced guide. The island is an hour boat ride from Puerto Montt.

How to get there

Can be reached by “night” bus from Santiago, which takes 13 hours, by train or plane. The flight takes 1 hour 40 minutes.

Attractions and attractions in Puerto Montt

Against the backdrop of the whitewashed walls of residential buildings, the mahogany cathedral, built on the main square, stands out. The wooden port is exactly a saucer from the same service. But nothing is more striking than a unique natural phenomenon: the ancient colossal glaciers eventually melted into the lakes that dot the local surroundings.

So, to the north of Puerto Montt lies the Seven Lakes region, an extensive system of large and small lakes: Pangipuli, Pelyaifa, Neltume, Pirehueco, Lacar, Rupango, Rango, Riñihue, Calafken, Villarrica and others. Most city guests try to visit the Rinco, Villarrica and Llanquihue, on the banks of which are located the picturesque resorts of Puerto Varas and Frutillar, where you can not only relax, but also visit the historical museum. At the very feet of the Villarrica volcano is the village of Pucon, built up with villas of wealthy Chileans. This is the best place for yachting in the country. The towns of Likan Rey and Pangipuli also attract many tourists.

The nearby national parks offer plenty of opportunities to capture the amazing landscapes of mountains, forests and lakes: Villarrica, for example, is famous for Lake Cargubua with hot springs, and Hornopyren is a volcano of the same name and thermal springs around. No less curious are the reserves in Alers, Conguillo, Tolhuaca.

Puerto Montt, Chile