Press days Berlin Our Autumn/Winter 2015 Highlights At Silk Relations

Happy birthday, silk relations < 3-10 years founded the power women Silke and Kerstin their PR agency – and uproot trees with their employees since then. Not just the big Levis, UNIQLO and Nike, but even the mini little as for example Berlin mice Bobby Kolade and MALAIKARAISS are on their everyday we-care-for-you list. Two of them, who know how and which themselves have developed in recent years to a very large number in the consulting business. Latest access: ASOS – and we are sure: there are many more.

We show you our highlights for the winter of 2015 of course again today and have it all: sustainable shoes, crochet tops, the denim specific number 1, Berlin power – and of course Geburtstagscupcakes. Happy #Silk10, her Powerladies!

who believes the Levi’s offensive would subside as slowly and the comeback of the jeans brand was also already there, which made the Bill without the Denimbrand: latest hit in the pipeline: the 700 line, which finds its way back according to the first ladies jeans model of the brand in our head. After Levis 501ct waits the 711 on me – and what is waiting for you?


Nike Jane you our personal shoe surprise already in detail told about – it’s Velcro-love

Studio CDG

the new discovery: Studio CDG (Charles de Gaulles). The French label Mascarin in Paris was founded by Anne Fuhrhop and Renaud in 2014 and stands for the typical lightness and timeless classics of French fashion – always with the focus on that certain something in first-class quality and perfect fit. On the wish list: This bright red coat.


We find this ochre sweetie

Welcome to the puderfarbenen world of MALAIKARAISS – and are back and away. Here you can see the entire collection of Malaika.


ASOS provides us with lots of colored chunky knit for this summer! Right: the online shop was during the press days not the winter of 2015, but all the beautiful pieces you may already have. Super handy


Bobby Virdi

short side note: an accent Aigu tinkering you mentally on the e and you speak the name of our talented Mister Kolad(e)e right out. We also solved that. Back to the even more important: one of the most likeable Berlin designers celebrated strong women in the pants suits, kanllbunten creations and coats where the spit remains away us also for the winter. The „ dream customer “ Virdi incidentally, as curious and sophisticated – and we can sign this so. Mr. Bobby, we want to hear very much about you – and see of course!

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