Our Site Waives Skinny Dolls

The skinny model debate is not small. Skinny mannequins are now extremely slender mannequins in the fire of criticism. A young Englishwoman makes air – anger about it on Twitter and gets even response from the textile giant our site!

The British fashion chain our site is just quite unpopular despite it testimonials like Gigi Hadid (20) and Kendall Jenner (19). The extremely arid mannequins are basic. The story in the roles but only brought an Englishwoman Laura Berry. She posted a picture of himself showing it next to an extremely skinny doll on Her Twitter page by the end of October 2014. To do this, she wrote: “the girl left wears a dress size 36/38 .”

Thus her anger was not gone but still. Some time later, Laura wrote an open letter to Our site on her Facebook page: “you are certainly aware, that we have the year 2015. A time in which we are hopefully aware of the dangerous and unrealistic role models, which shows in the fashion industry, (…) “P.S. just so you all know: after I made this image, I used my legs in size 38/40, to strut straight out of your shop.”

No more false idols
Within a very short time spread the post viral on the Internet, over 10,000 times was the Twitter post shared and commented on. Because the social network supports Laura’s opinion that Our site gives an unrealistic view of woman.

Twitter post bring Our site to think
Not only that, nine months later reporting Our site now even for Word. According to the online magazine “gofeminin.de” according to, the fashion company in an open letter explained that she no longer wanted to use this type of mannequin after Laura’s complaint. “We deem it important to present a healthy figure”, as the Department store chain. The doll on Laura’s Twitter photo but supposedly wear dress size 38, is larger than many women and “stylized” to get noticed better.

Laura Berry even doubted this, now she wants to start a petition to enforce standardized sizes in the British fashion industry. Because top shop is unfortunately not an isolated case. More and more companies control against unrealistic standards and show dolls with realistic mass.


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