Only Gucci Could Bring to Market The Boots for Those That Love to Wear Sandals 365 Days a Year

It looks like it but they are not, rather that lately in fashion takes a lot. Or they are ankle boots or sandals as such, it is a mix that creates Gucci to surprise and continue conquering the top of the turnover of the fashion houses. Is at its best and be allowed licenses such as this one, which few are encourage to buy but which, however, will be very viral. Who doesn’t know a girl who loves to wear Sandals every day of the year challenging the thermometer? Now is your time.

We are talking of one of the new releases from the Italian firm that despite see it already on the runway and in the images of campaign we were surprised to discover it on their website, where everything can be seen with much more definition. It is of a very simple strips of patent leather sandal You have included that a sock of latex nude color that can be removed easily. If we removed the sock can have one of the simplest shoes of the current collection of Gucci, but in contrast with the sock everything changes. Does it have the same problem as the boots of PVC of Kylie Jenner? If you want to check it, 980 euros to blame.

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