Musical Girl Crush – Feist Is Back!

As soon as I hear anything from the Canadian clique to Feist, peaches, Gonzales and Mocky, I’ll always just completely wuschig. Nostalgic anyway, as their music accompanied me for almost a decade. I run to any concert of Gonzales, delight in peaches ‚ performances and DJ sets and grieve that Mocky will soon leave Berlin. But I was just wondering when there is news from the lovely and talented Leslie Feist, whose last album the reminder is already four years old.

For a few weeks, the anticipation for the new album is metals, fed by first appetizers that will appear on the 30th September:

On our site, you can get impressions from the recordings, and so also of the new songs in small webisodes. The mini movies are beautiful works of art from black/white pictures, sunsets and old acquaintances, headbangend sitting on the sofa. Fine, but anything short!

Since the weekend courses the first single “How come You never go there” on the Internet and that suits autumn weather, melancholy and vertrodelten hours on the windowsill, where one night beyond stares and once again all the big questions. Leslie’s music is how I know them and love: the instrumentation of piano, drums and guitar this time joined a harmonious ensemble of brass; the most recognisable has but as always her voice: she Coos in her inimitable singsong, which envelops an as a warm soft blanket. But hears itself:

How come You never go there by Feist

and, like?

And to further shorten the waiting period until the end of September, there are still my favorite songs of the wonderful with the great voice:

Info via Pitchfork and Hypetrak.


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