Meaning of Speakers

Meaning of Speakers

The speakers are devices that allow the amplification of the sound. Called speakers or speakers depending on the country, the speakers are electric transducers: they convert the current of electricity into a sound wave.

The process that ends with the emission of sounds through the speakers begins with the conversion of electrical signals into mechanical energy. Then, this mechanical energy is transformed into sound waves that propagate through the air. A person, thanks to her ears, can pick up the waves, which then reach the brain as nerve impulses. Finally, these impulses are interpreted and the process is complete.

According to DigoPaul, the way in which speakers amplify sounds depends on their technical characteristics. The loudspeakers offer certain frequency responses, handle a certain impedance and have different powers and sensitivity. Depending on how these characteristics are combined, the speakers will be able to amplify the sound with more or less fidelity.

In addition to all the above, we must emphasize that there are several types of speakers that exist in the current market:
-The so-called tweeters, which are especially suitable for reproducing sounds at high frequencies. In turn they are divided into piezoelectric, cone and dome.
-Media, which, as its name suggests, reproduce mid-range sounds.
-The coaxial ones, which are made up of several at the same time because some are in charge of reproducing the treble and the others, the secondary ones, will do the same with the medium and mid-acute sounds.
-The woofers, which are the speakers that reproduce the low frequencies.
-The separate channels, which are identified because each speaker has a higher quality and capacity to reproduce sound than the aforementioned coaxial ones.
-The subwoofers that are the ones that must proceed to represent the frequencies that are just below the bass.

It is common for televisions, computers, and radios to have at least two speakers. This allows them to reproduce stereo sounds, recorded on two channels, a peculiarity that makes the listening experience more natural: each speaker can emit a different channel.

When buying a speaker, not only do you have to take into account what it is going to be used for, but also its brand, price and connections.

When talking about speakers, you have to know that very important characteristics of them come into play, such as sensitivity, distortion, impedance, directionality or power, among others.

In recent years, home theater or home cinema systems have popularized the 5.1 arrangement: sound amplification is done through five conventional loudspeakers plus a subwoofer that allow sound waves to “envelop” the listener. The English notion of home cinema refers to the fact that those who have a 5.1 system at home can enjoy movies as if they were in a movie theater.

The fact that we now resort to using the mobile phone for everything, including being able to listen to music, has led to the appearance of specific speakers for the smartphone. They are smaller, lightweight speakers that can be carried comfortably and allow you to enjoy music at a higher volume.