Meaning of Quality of Life

Meaning of Quality of Life

Quality, a term derived from the Latin qualĭtas, can refer to the properties and characteristics that are inherent in something. Life, on the other hand, refers to the existence, usually of a living being.

These ideas allow us to understand the expression quality of life, which is used to name the conditions that determine the way of life of a person or a group of individuals. The better the quality of life, the better the conditions regarding well-being and the possibility of progress.

According to abbreviationfinder, quality of life cannot be defined, anyway, in one way or exactly. In the notion different concepts are conjugated that vary according to the time and the region and that can even be tied to subjectivity.

Broadly speaking, it can be said that the quality of life is constituted by the different factors that affect how a person lives: the satisfaction of material needs, physical well-being, development possibilities, social integration, etc.

A man who lives on the streets, does not have a job, never went to school and cannot access hospitals, has a poor quality of life. On the other hand, a person who sleeps in a house with electricity, gas and sanitary services, who has a well-paid job and has social work, is likely to enjoy a good quality of life.

There are other parameters that are linked to quality of life, such as life expectancy. Those with a good quality of life have a higher life expectancy (they are likely to live longer than those with a poor quality of life).

Psychology professionals establish that there are a series of rules or guidelines that can be used to have a good quality of life. We are referring to the following:
-Learn to say no without feeling guilty.
-Focusing on a single task.
-Rest every two hours of work for about 10 minutes.
-Stop feeling responsible for the pleasures of others.
-Know how to differentiate real problems from imaginary ones.
-Ask for help when needed.
-Always have someone you can trust.
-You have to put aside the rigidity.
-Do not focus solely on work and obligations, you also have to find a space in the agenda to enjoy the pleasures of life.
-Not being so self-demanding or self-critical of yourself.
-Sleep at least 7 hours a day.
-Practice exercise regularly or go for a walk every day for at least half an hour.
-Avoid the anxieties and anguish of another person.
-Plan the day to day also having space to face any unforeseen event.

Recently, a study by a consulting firm (Mercer) has been released, which indicates which are the cities with the worst quality of life. We are referring to the following: Baghdad, Bangui, Sanaa, Port-au-Prince, Kartum, N´Djamena, Damascus, Brazzaville, Kinshasa, Konakry, Nouakchott, Bamako, Niamey, Tripoli and Antananarivo.

In front of all these cities, on the totally opposite side, is Vienna, which is situated as the city with the highest quality of life on the planet.

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