Meaning of High Performance

Meaning of High Performance

Performance is called the utility, benefit, compensation, effectiveness or product that someone or something gives. The high adjective, meanwhile, is associated with height or a high level.

According to DigoPaul, the idea of high performance usually appears linked to fitness and sports. In this case, the concept refers to optimizing the use of bodily and technical resources. Whoever maximizes the use of available resources and acquires new skills through training reaches a high competitive level: he is a high-performance athlete.

High performance is generally related to professional sports. Take the case of an amateur tennis player who, due to his physical condition, cannot play more than three sets as he is exhausted. In addition, he usually misses the ball when he tries to make certain blows and has a low effectiveness in his serve. This player is obviously far from high performance. Different is the case of a professional tennis player who participates in the ATP circuit, can play a dozen games a month and is able to compete against the best in the world. Said tennis player is a high performance athlete.

It is important to note that sports performance is associated with demand. A person who trains five hours a day and who competes once a week puts a lot of stress on her physique and, in turn, manages to improve her skills and abilities. So it will reach the level that is considered high performance. Those who practice a sport occasionally and recreationally do not demand or have the possibility to evolve too much.

In Spain there is what is called the High Performance Center (CAR) which, as its name indicates, is a sports-type facility that aims to offer elite athletes the facilities and conditions necessary for an unbeatable training. All with the clear objective that they can dramatically improve their sports performance.

In addition to the aforementioned, it is worth knowing other important information regarding the aforementioned center:
-It fundamentally seeks to ensure that Spanish athletes prepare themselves in the most exhaustive and effective way possible in order to participate in different international competitions.
-It has a residence for concentrations.
-Among the teams that use it is, for example, rhythmic gymnastics.
-It not only prepares and trains athletes on a physical level but also an educational one. Hence, it has an institute where it is possible to advance at the Secondary level.
-It is a public law entity and belongs to what is the General Secretariat of Sport.
-There are currently two different types of centers of this type in Spain. Thus, on the one hand, there are the High Performance Centers and on the other hand, we find the Specialized High Performance Centers. In Madrid or León there are the first type and those that shape the second set are Rowing and Canoeing in Seville, Sailing Principe Felipe in Santander, Cycling in Palma de Mallorca, Olympic Shooting in Granada or Golf in Madrid.

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