Meaning of Height

Meaning of Height

The term height has various uses. On the one hand, it is the path that can be traveled vertically between an object or body and the ground or any other surface that it takes as a reference. At this distance it is known as height.
For example: “Look at that child playing at high altitudes, he can fall and get hurt”, “The pot fell from a height of 10 meters before hitting the sidewalk”, “How do you plan to reach a jar located at that height without a ladder ? » .

According to DigoPaul, height, on the other hand, is the measure of something that is calculated from your foot or base to its upper end: “I need to gain more height to be able to play basketball”, “My daughter has an impressive height, she has even surpassed father ”, “ At 2.12 meters tall, John Tofflewy is the tallest player on the team ”.

In the sports field, we cannot fail to mention that height is also spoken of. Specifically, there is a modality that is called a high jump and whose objective is that the athlete in question must overcome a horizontal bar or bar that is supported by two vertical supports.

In this sense, it should be noted that currently the historical record at the male level is held by the Cuban Javier Sotomayor who has a mark of 2.42 meters. Meanwhile, in the female sphere, the athlete who holds this aforementioned honor is the Bulgarian Stefka Kostadinova, who in 1987 managed to reach 2.09 meters.

This test is one of the most important within any Olympiad, specifically, it must be stated that the masculine modality was present since the first Olympic Games, which were held in Athens in 1896. However, the feminine one would not be introduced until the 1928 Amsterdam Games.

Height is also the part of the air that is at a certain elevation above the ground and the altitude estimated according to the level of the ocean: “The game will be played at the height of the city of La Paz”, “It is difficult to run in the height since you run out of air ”.

The concept of height is also used symbolically to refer to perfection or virtue. The high or high appears linked as the sublime: “You could not expect less from a writer of your height”, “The interviewee answered the questions with great height”.

In the same way we can not ignore that in Spain, and more specifically in the autonomous community of Valencia belonging to the province of Castellón, there is a town called Altura. It is a population of approximately 4,000 inhabitants, which has the category of Real Villa and has an interesting architectural and artistic heritage.

Specifically, those who visit Altura cannot miss out on such unique enclaves as the Sanctuary of the Holy Cave or the Cartuja de Vall de Cristo dating from the fourteenth century.

In geometry, height is the distance between a face (or a side) of a plane figure and the point (or vertex) that is furthest along a perpendicular bearing.
The term also names the line or the segment that makes it possible to measure said distance.

Finally, it can be said that height is also one of the qualities of tone.