Meaning of Global Warming

Meaning of Global Warming

According to abbreviationfinder, the notion of global warming makes it possible to refer to two related issues: on the one hand, it is a phenomenon observed in the average temperature of recent decades, which rises steadily; On the other hand, it is a theory that, based on different projections, maintains that the temperature will continue to rise in the future due to the action of man.

Despite the popularity that the subject has garnered in recent years, it is important to make some distinctions. Global warming is usually associated with climate change, although the latter phenomenon (climate variation) has always existed and is natural. In any case, at present it is usually known as climate change that produced by human action, which generates anomalous variations.

Moreover, global warming is associated with the greenhouse effect, which is a phenomenon whereby certain gases that make up the earth ‘s atmosphere retain part of the energy emitted by the soil after being heated by radiation from the sun. The greenhouse effect works in the following way: solar radiation passes through the atmosphere, bounces off the ground and should go back through the atmosphere; However, greenhouse gases (such as carbon dioxide and methane) produce a layer of pollution that prevents the sun’s rays from going out again, causing an increase in temperature on Earth.

Among the main consequences that we can establish about the phenomenon of global warming, we have to state that, in addition to the considerable increase in temperatures, there can be a palpable growth of what are respiratory diseases that humans experience.

In this way, experts in the field rule that if this phenomenon continues to occur, the world population will be much more exposed to respiratory diseases. But not only they, it will also increase the number of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, who will suffer dehydration and also infections caused by mosquitoes or similar.

This aforementioned consequence, referring to the field of health, is fundamentally due to the fact that both the respiratory and cardiovascular systems are harmed by increasing temperatures as these bring with them that any individual has to make a greater effort to undertake any action or exercise.

In the same way, global warming will cause both surface and groundwater to lose quality as a result of these high temperatures. All this without forgetting that in both cases the amount of water would be palpably reduced and that drinking water that is suitable for human consumption would significantly decrease.

A fact the latter that would especially harm sectors such as agriculture as the lands would become drier, lose nutrients and also those would be more affected by pests, which are those that cause diseases in plants and, consequently, spoil crops.

Although certain specialists consider that global warming is a myth, there is a certain consensus on the need to reduce polluting emissions to prevent warming from continuing to increase. If the trend is not reversed, the glaciers could melt, raising the water level in the oceans and flooding many cities.

Global Warming