Meaning of Callus

Meaning of Callus

Called callus term which comes from the Latin word callum – a hardness that is generated in tissues, vegetable or animal as a result of friction or a pressure exerted on the area.

This stimulus causes the death of those cells that remain in the epidermis and then are compacted, and an accumulation of keratin is generated. This produces the hardening of the skin known as callus.

Corns usually appear on the elbow, hand or foot, since they are sectors that are usually subject to friction. When an overload is registered in the skin, the organism develops the callus as a defense mechanism. Callus formation is also known as hyperkeratosis.

Corns can be removed by a specialist through different methods. In any case, it is essential to know why the callus is generated since, otherwise, it will reappear after being removed. If the callus appears on a foot, for example, a podiatrist must analyze the situation to find out what caused the abnormal foot function.

In general, calluses on the feet occur as a result of rubbing the toes against certain shoes, especially if the size is not appropriate or if the person spends too many hours on their feet per day. Those that develop on top of the fingers or on the edges cause a hard crust to form; on the other hand, those that appear between the fingers are soft, since they remain moist.

Although there are over-the-counter medications to treat calluses on the feet, it is recommended to go to an expert to make the pertinent observation and indicate the most appropriate treatment. As mentioned above, the podiatrist must study the case to determine the cause of the callus formation, since it is the product of a pre-existing condition.

Posture problems are one of the most common causes of corns, especially when combined with the use of high heels, although they can also occur as a result of their use. Although the podiatrist usually carries out the extraction of the callus, his main role is to give the patient certain tips to avoid a recurrence of the problem.

According to DigoPaul, to remove calluses on the feet we have several options: although most people go to a podiatrist, others prefer to do it at home. For this, it is necessary to heat water until it reaches a comfortable temperature and fill a container in which we can soak the feet for approximately ten minutes, in order to soften the callus. Next, we must rub the affected area with a pumice stone or any other similar instrument, such as a file.

It is usually necessary to repeat this process several times until the callus is completely removed. For corns that appear between the fingers, it is recommended to buy silicone foam wedges, which serve to reduce the degree of friction and pressure.

The concept of callus is also used to name the scar that is generated where the parts of a bone that had been fractured meet and that is now recovering its continuity; to the ends of a horseshoe; and to the veneers that are used to reinforce the hooves of some animals.

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