Meaning of Arrogant

Meaning of Arrogant

Although there are different theories regarding its etymological origin, we can emphasize that arrogant is a word that derives from Latin. Specifically, it comes from “altano”, which was the adjective that was given to the winds that blew from the sea to the land or vice versa. And that word, in turn, emanates from “altus”, which is an adjective that was used to define everything that was high or deep.

According to DigoPaul, the arrogant adjective is used to describe the person who is arrogant or vain. Haughtiness, in this way, is associated with pride. For example: “I can’t stand the new boss: he is arrogant and disrespectful”, “Altanero, the American boxer assured that his rival will not last more than two minutes above the ring”, “As a young man he was a bit arrogant, but then I learned the importance to be humble ”.

A soccer player who defines himself as “the best in the world” and who attributes himself to his team’s achievements can be defined as arrogant. The same can be said about the candidate for president who affirms, in an interview, that he is the only leader with enough intelligence and capacity to get his country out of a crisis.

Based on this example, we can determine that a footballer who considers himself very arrogant and who, precisely, is why he arouses so much rejection is the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo. This, who plays as a striker for Real Madrid, shows that he is not humble, not only because he considers himself an essential piece of his team but even because he has stated on more than one occasion that he is the best in the world.

Usually arrogant subjects have problems in their social relationships. When someone acts arrogant and haughty, the rest of the people are likely to be upset. The opposite of haughtiness is humility, a value appreciated at a social level and that facilitates ties.

Exactly we can say that a person is considered to be classified as haughty when these fundamental circumstances occur:
-He considers himself better than others.
-He does not hesitate to correct others when, according to her criteria, they have said or done something wrong based on their values or ideas.
-He believes that no one does not consider him pretty, attractive and sexy.
-Reject criticism and do not hesitate to attack them harshly.
-He does not hesitate to say that everyone loves her.
-You have absolute confidence in yourself.
She does not hesitate to constantly talk about herself, about everything she has done or said, about the goals she has achieved…

Haughty is also an adjective that is applied to birds of prey that have the ability to fly at high altitudes. The eagle and the hawk are two haughty animals since, due to their physical characteristics, they can fly long distances from the surface.

In the field of falconry, haughtiness is a modality that consists of making the bird reach a high height and then tries to catch a prey in a tailspin.