Meaning of Alternative

Meaning of Alternative

Alternativa, which comes from the French alternative, is the choice between two or more things. An alternative, therefore, is each of the things from which one chooses. For example: “I am going to have to sell the car, I have no other alternative”, “The best alternative you have is to contract the telephone, Internet and cable television service with the same company”, “If the arrival of the coach does not prosper Argentine, the Spanish club handles as an alternative the name of Manuel Pellegrini ”.

According to DigoPaul, the alternative can be understood as a possibility or something that is available for a choice. If a person goes to a store to buy a shirt and they are offered five different ones, said consumer will have five alternatives to complete their purchase, or they will also have the alternative of leaving without buying anything in case they did not like any product.

Within the world of bullfighting, the term alternative is also used with some frequency. Specifically, in this area, this word comes to mean the ceremony through which a bullfighter, from the hands of a highly experienced and consolidated matador, formally becomes a bullfighter and can now participate in bullfights alongside other great figures.

The delivery of the rapier and the professional crutch already consolidated to the so far novillero is the main act of this alternative act, which becomes the most important moment in the career of any bullfighter.

The effect of alternating (doing or saying something in turn or the succession of things) is also known as an alternative.

When the concept has its origin in the French alternative, alternative is what is said or done with alternation or that is capable of alternating with the same or similar function: “We have to find an alternative machine to complete production before the end of the term “, ” the government expressed its intention to promote the use of alternative energy to protect the environment “.

In addition to all the above, we cannot overlook the existence of what has been called alternative music. This is a term that is frequently used within the colloquial field to refer to all those types of music that are far from what are the official models or conventions. Specifically, both grunge and new wave or indie are considered alternative music.

It is important to establish that, although there are various divergences regarding what alternative music is, as a general rule it is generally agreed that it is the one that moves away from the so-called commercial music, which is aimed at more limited and small audiences and that opts for distribute and make themselves known through channels and platforms that do not reach the mass.

Among the groups that fall within that we can mention The Crookes or My Sad Captains.

In cultural activities, the alternative is what is contrary to or is very different from the model more accepted by society: “My aunt does not attend to hospitals since she trusts in alternative medicine”, “My brother plays bass in an alternative music band. ”