Meaning of Alta

Meaning of Alta

According to DigoPaul, alta is a term with several meanings according to the context. This may be the authorization granted by a doctor to his patient so that he can rejoin ordinary life and resume his daily activities. For example: “I am very happy: the doctor told me that, if everything continues like this, he will discharge me next week”, “The player has not yet been discharged and will have to continue waiting to return to the team”, “Tell the Boss who discharged me today, so tomorrow I rejoin the company. ”

The registration of a person to an organism, an association, a profession, etc., and the document that certifies said registration, are also called registration: “When the tax office confirms my registration, I can start working and billing the services ”, “ I still haven’t registered for the social work ”, “ Sorry: without the corresponding registration, you cannot enjoy the benefits as an affiliate ”.

In this sense, it should not be forgotten either that when it comes to registering, one is saying that a person in question has carried out the formalities and bureaucracy necessary to register within an association, an organization or even a profession concrete.

Thus, for example, in Spain, anyone who wants to start working on their own as a self-employed person finds it necessary to register with Social Security.

Nor can we ignore that Alta is the name of a Norwegian city located specifically in the Finnmark region. It has about 19,000 inhabitants, it has its origin in the Paleolithic and it seems that it receives its name from the Alta fjord, which is located in that specific area.

The fjord is known internationally because it has the particularity that numerous prehistoric cave paintings have been found along it. These are artistic vestiges that are protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

In the field of computing, registration is usually considered as registration for a certain service: “Do you want to enjoy the best online games? You need to register on our page and obtain your password ”, “ After registration, you can start using the email service ”.

As an adjective, tall or tall can refer to someone or something of great stature; to what is high above the earth; or to what is higher in relation to another lower term: “That girl is very tall: she would have to play basketball”, “Please, bring me the bag that is located on the highest drawer”, “I do not reach the wallet: it is very high. ”

Also noteworthy is the existence of the ALTA Union, which is presented as the necessary means for Banco Sabadell workers to be up to date with everything that happens in terms of subsidies, supplements, early retirement, medical insurance, breastfeeding…

In the same way, there are other terms that also use the word that concerns us: High Middle Ages, high frequency, high voltage, high fashion or high fidelity, among many other possibilities.