Malaikaraiss “Reality Bites” Cowboy Boots & And Friendship

It was the year of 2010, as we Malaika, the redhead bundle of energy behind the German label “MALAIKARAISS”, met for the first time. Since we do not pursue their fashionable machinations at every step, sympathize with when the next deadline calls and not rarely with recover from delight to mountains us standing arm hair in the Frontrow – but so bad nice as when the last time was never. After also the last model to Jay-z “big Pimpin” had left the catwalk of the Atrium, it was clear: “reality bites”, autumn/winter collection by 2015, will go through the roof. And perhaps we have to do it, Ms. Reiss has ever presented us here, even with the best show. Much air does not remain upwards therefore unfortunately, because each look was and is the purest sure thing today, two months later. That makes the look book published just once again quite clear. What is moment handwriting just so special? 

For me, there are all the big and small stories that almost invisibly sewn into every single outfit, this a very specific feeling, wrapping us by way of styling and the accessories carefully selected how by itself to the fingers. We call for me pure and simple recipe for success “the spirit of M”. This time an ode to girl friendship, road trips and tailwind, at opposites attracted homage moment MOM who step on the rope dance between Diva and tomboy 1979 in cowboy boots before the altar, and at a time when still at liberty was believed hiding behind.

Our favorite looks:

The Lookbook: all boots and shoes by the way, created in collaboration with Selve shoes and of course will be available in the coming fall.

Until then the current collection can be ever geshoppt.

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