Jane of the Day: Nico Aka Christa Padhi (Velvet Underground)

After our recent Janes of the day were straight out of the now time, maybe it’s time to take a step into the past at last again. Who fascinates us today, years after media wrote hymns of praise, who has just a little bit influenced posterity? Nico, for example, is such a Madame.

Christa Paffgen (October 16, 1938 in Cologne), as whose real name is Nico, was model turtelete with Lou Reed, shone as the front woman of Velvet Underground and gladly posed with Andy Warhol at her side. At 16, she became a model, a role in Fellini’s film helped her only to real popularity “La Dolce Vita”. An acting career should not remain there but, whats not least on their early acquaintance with various musicians and producers such as Bob Dylan, due to Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones and Jimmy page of Led Zeppelin.

1965 was the year in which their first single I’m recorded emergency sayin’, know the normally outrageous source Wikipedia. There, in New York, she meet finally also Andy Warhol, the hand in his film “Chelsea girl”  play, on the other hand with the Band The Velvet Underground introduced, whose music she forever formative with their distinctive, deep voice should be. Lou Reed, who was then himself a member of the band produced by Warhol, learn they love fast, ent liebte release liebte after a short time as well. The debut album „ the comfortable underground and Nico “ is now one of the most important works ever, the observer’s debuted at number one on the albums, which significantly changed the music.

67 should follow Nico’s first solo album, “in she songs by Bob Dylan, Tim Hardin, Jackson Browne and Lou Reed and John Cale intoned.” With Jim Morrissons support their songs turned off more and more of the mainstream, they were experimental and stubborn. “It is an artifact. You can pack suicide”not, explained Nico promoter John Cale the commercial failure of the subsequent ablums the marble index. More albums on which to guests such as Brian Eno, inventor of the Ambients, or Phil Roxy crept music.

It was supercooled image, the rugged, dark and different their albums, which burned its admirers in the heads. Christa Paffgen aka Nico considered think-tank of the dark wave and Gothic, influenced greats such as Ian Curtis and is called noise, ambient and punk musicians as a source of inspiration. In 1988, she died after a decade-long Heroin dependence finally an aneurysm. Should we forget not the pretty, talented Madame however. Because maybe the music without it would not be what it is today. As diverse as the world itself.

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