Italian Portraits, The Book More Sophisticated of Tod’s

The Italian man is elegant us is not doubt, in fact, if you stroll by some Italian city, is irresistible to look at his label. And this book of Tod’s, entitled Italian Portraits, speaks of this, of the Italian taste, a fashion classic.

The Italian Portraits book presents through a series of portraits of elegant Italian men, his ability to look stylish, modernity and tradition. 148 pages loaded with style, available in English and Italian, of the publishing house Skira. A book suitable only for collectors, and especially for the lovers of unique pieces of fashion.

Portrait of Guglielmo Miani

A style that is perfectly represented by personalities such as Alberto Alemagna, Emanuele Cito Filomarino, Gaddo Della Gherardesca, Giovanni Satel, Guglielmo Miani, Niccolô Minardi, Tazio Puri Negri… whose origin is in the Made in Italy and in the value of the “handmade” and crafts.


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