Interview with Julia Martinez, Head of Styling for Telva: “Fashion Is a Very Serious Job and Would Have to Take It as Such”

We much look at the fashion insiders of foreign journals (Taylor Tomassi, Miroslava Duma …), but we cannot forget the national product, because in Spanish journals we also saved treasures. And one of them is Julia Martinez Pereira, who for many years in Telva, currently, working as Head of styling of the magazine.

How did you start in the fashion world? It was coincidence or you really that goal since childhood?

Since childhood, in my native Ferrolino, reading Telva. My mother instilled in me the love for fashion – she loved him. I came to Madrid at age 18. One day I stopped on the street and asked me if I wanted to be a model (of Telva, precisely). The idea I didn’t like anything, but it was then when I discovered the world of style. Since that time I have not stopped to think otherwise.

What inspires you when it comes to your work?

Music, films, street… In general, I love reinterpreting the classics.

What has been your biggest professional achievement?

It’s 20 years in Telva.

We know that you are a strong advocate of Spanish fashion. What are the designers of our country that you like working? E international?

It is as if you ask a mother which of her children wants more. Every six months out the collections of designers and sometimes that of ones and others, I prefer those of others.

With the change of name of Cibeles said to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid that we would have more international recognition, but for now it seems that everything remains the same. What happens to the Spanish design that fails to succeed outside of our borders? What should we change?

It is not a question of names. The problem of Spanish fashion since the 1980s – when I started working in this sector, has always been that of the lack of a powerful industry back. Except for two or three Spanish designers, others do not have any business infrastructure where leaning. Fashion is a very serious work and we should take it as such.

Looking a little thing out, do have think about this dance of designers and fact as Dior that we have seen these past few months? Is the fashion world crazy?

I don’t think to be no dancing or any soap opera. These firms have a very solid business structure, and as in any job in the world, want to more professional, the better. Worldwide, there are many people living in the fashion industry, and as a result, their families also. Therefore, that they have a deep respect. And so it would have to be everywhere.

But don’t you think that theme could have been best?

In my opinion it has been in the best possible way. Very professional.

Much spoken in this era of internet disappearance of printed journals what is your opinion on this?

Nothing can change the fact go to the kiosk, buy a magazine and spend their leaves carrying fabulous ideas, pictures and texts.

You even have a blog on the website of Telva in which you speak a bit of your day to day and give some other advice about fashion, what gives you the world of the blogosphere? Have you got a blog?

Like everything in this life there is very good bloggers and bloggers very bad. I love more and more Americans, where common sense premium over superficiality. I very much like the Man Repeller and I Love Your Style. Those of decoration type Habitually Chic, The Selby and The Coveteur I love.

And since we touched the subject of blogs, what felt to see you on the blog of Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist)?

You want to tell you! It made me a lot of illusion.

If professionally, you had a second chance, would you change anything?

I think that not but every day I prefer the decoration mixed with fashion, what is known as a living style.

The best advice that you have given your life has been…

Since childhood my parents instilled in me to be myself and I think I have so done.

Let’s talk about some of your style. Many are unable to forget those golden trousers from Topshop that you took to Cibeles how would you define your way of dress and what are your favorite clothes?

To dress me I am very intuitive. I already have a few years and know perfectly what I feel well. I have very clear that I prefer quality over quantity. When I seen I like to dress me… is not undress as they do many women going half-naked for life. I found the trousers from Topshop that you mean on a discounted sale. Not only I bought that but also one equal in silver. The best thing was that they cost me $ 5 each.

My favorite clothes are a good Cowboy (Lee), a male tailor (Lander Urquijo), a sweater of cashmere in camel color and dark blue, some slippers and a lounge.

In which cities you like more buy? Some essential address?

When I have more time to buy is just when I go to fashion shows. I like to go to the Department stores because I have all the brands together in one place and, in addition, I believe that the selection of the collection is very good. I recognize that years ago Yes that I was looking for that special shop, the more hidden… but why not could find – unlike now-, everything everywhere.

My essential address is the shop where I can find a selection of items with very good taste… or, at least, to match my tastes, colors for.

Finally, three items or additions without we can not live them this spring/summer 2012.

A sandal flat jewel, a caftan and a black swimsuit.

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