Gucci Returns to Be The Sexiest Party in Milan

These huge glasses with Rhinestones, perfect to protect themselves from the paparazzi flash. This metallic, brilliant, ostentatious, wallet chained to the wrist, and sooo sexy. The dress animal print that allows you to show off legs and cleavage at the same time. This haughty attitude. There is no doubt. She´s back!!!!!!

Do you remember how hard-hitting that was Frida Giannini, Creative Director of the brand, on his idea of the Gucci woman? “We come from a long period of monochrome. And I love the prints and colors. What I want to do is a glamour intelligent for women of my generation. I think that, in this century, all women want to have a private life. You can explore things beyond celebrities and the Oscars”, she said sure and convinced.

Because it has changed tastes and idea. Now everything turns to be monochromatic: Garnet, gold, white or black. Choice is yours. And everything is back to being sexy, rather, sexual. As in the good times, those of Tom Ford, of course. To who you are interested in retrieving the first Gucci style? If ever there was one.

Forget Gucci if you’re going to go to the office, if you are to take a coffee or an aperitif, if it’s Sunday and you will get to the press, if you’re going to look for your children to school. Unless you’re famous, and journalists are waiting for you at the door of your hotel or your mansion. Then wear Gucci from head to toe. If Yes, leave out the new standard mix brands. Women Gucci has a few rules and a personal appeal that does not support mixing. It shines with its own light.

Giannini returns not only to the style with which the House italina rose to fame a decade ago, fame which still preserves. Also Retrieves “classics” of Ford, as he himself “recovered” Saint Laurent, when it created Gucci style. The tuxedo, white or gold, animal print, Garnet, and the three quarters of hair, dyed blue evening capes. It’s almost a homenaja Texan Designer! That, or commitment to a success that was safe until Tom Ford left the boat.

Already coming to appreciate the collection itself, and overcome the initial surprise, I have to say that I guess it’s perfect for anyone lover of this type of style. To me, what I liked most is the tuxedo. Both the white, so connaisseurs and similar to the Yves Saint Laurent made to Bianca Jagger for his wedding with the leader of the Rolling Stones. As the gilded, so glamorous.

And in terms of the success that you may have, the of criticism no idea, because I have not read those of Gucci, but the public think that it is ensured. At least among the celebrities. I see Madonna with the dress above right, which carries the model Rachel Zimmermann. Jennifer Lopez with one of the white. To Chloé Sevigny with one of the dresses. Any of the Hilton sisters with the Huntress of the photo on the left, above. And Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer with the black dress of the fourth picture of above them, the more discreet.

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