Gold Thimbles: No Tea Recommend Participate Firsthand

The Goya of fashion, one of the most important awards in the sector, defined so many to the Awards Gold thimbles During its first four editions. It wasn’t so, but they were slowly gaining some value or at least they were media, something that is always appreciated in the world of entrepreneurship and the fashion company. About two months ago the editor of Jezebel He received a statement informing us that we had been awarded one of these awards for being the best half of the year, with a jury composed by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Beatrice of Orleans, Javier Larrainzar, Elio Berhanyer, Victor Cucart, Rosa Villacastín, Nieves Herrero and the founder and director Nacho Jacob.

It is true that the awards they had some recognition within the world of fashion but just receive the statement, which by the way, also warned payment of 190 euros for the covered and the gala dinner at the Palace Hotel, the drafting of Jezebel came into contact with the organization. In order to have more information also asked about the rest of winners, but since “Gold thimbles” only said us that there were 15 winners but that the contest rules prevented him to tell us the name.

From here everything seemed normal, a couple of post more before that came the great day, where reported date of dinner in the Hotel Palace (June 13, 2014) and also the requirement of long dress for ladies and Tuxedo for men. Everything indicated that the award ceremony would be at the height of a dignified and elegant awards. Nothing is further from reality.

Three people from the team of Jezebel We moved up to the hotel to collect the prize. Upon arrival we had that strange feeling that would be something not good, and only had to wait a few minutes to see behind such Assembly, there was no quality nor recognition. In the lobby of the hotel had many people with strict label but few familiar faces in the world of fashion, all of them with your reserved seat. When we went into the living room where I had the dinner place and delivery of prizes and after we meet some familiar face sit and begin to observe carefully the maelstrom.

I went to the area where the Photocall, in order to make photographs for our article on Jezebel. It was organized in the same place where the awards were given by what I found the table where they were all thimbles prepared to deliver them. This was our first surprise, in the table there is the 15 thimbles we expected but that at first glance there were more than 100. This caught us completely by surprise, but everything remained normal.

Reward to everyone is to reward anyone

When people took seat, (approximately 250 guests) the presenter began with the award ceremony with the presence of Beatrice of Orleans and Nacho Jacob, but any designer who as had told us were part of the jury. They began giving awards to the best designers and here already we begin to lose count of how many thimbles were delivered that night. Had de la Mercedes Benz Fashion Week participating designers as Miguel Marinero, Ion Fiz or Hannibal Laguna but also designers and more unknown tailors. It was the night in which it rewarded throughout the world, so our point of view is not rewarded to anyone.

To continue with the nonsense, since our arrival in the Palace, at 21.00 of the night, until the end of the awards ceremony, night 00: 00, (imagine what is to deliver more than 100 awards), We do not take more than water. There was no cocktail and not serving wine or other beverages during the delivery. After dinner, left a lot to be desired in terms of quality and quantity.

Throughout the last week Jared made contact several times with the organizers, Jacob Fitgerald communication, so do us get the list of winners and have been unable to receive such information. We cannot confirm if everyone who attended dinner paid the covered (it is fairly common practice getting in many cases to safeguard the independence of the prizes that need to survive without external influences).

We have also tried to get in touch with the jury that supposedly had chosen more than 100 award-winning but has been mission impossible. We just answered Agatha Ruiz de la Prada communicating that they contacted him to see the possibility of being a juror but that at no time he voted for none of the winners, something that undoubtedly put once again in evidence to the Organization and to the own Awards.

Definitely I think with this edition has reached the end of the awards “Gold thimbles” since everyone is as a reward to any reward. An award has value because it gives it a jury with prestige, but in this case or that has been true. It is clear that they are planning serious doubts about whether it is an event organized to get a high profit for minimal work or to really recognize the work of people in the world of fashion, although they very much deserve it, what is clear is that I think that all may not be awarded. With this edition they have spoiled the work of the former and my recommendation here is that if a statement ever you as we miss it, it is the best choice.

Update: The Golden Thimble Association returns to send emails to the ‘lucky winners’. If you get one like this, at least you can know our opinion and what you’ll find.


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