Gafas De Sol 90: or The Love or You Hate, But They Have Come to Stay

Sometimes the fashion trends they are… how to say it? Difficult to carry. Or are you well or are you in a horrific way, here are two possibilities that offers the following viral phenomenon that we are living. The lot pasta sunglasses they return to take and few are those who know how to wear them – more rather than his features fit properly-. We are nobody to tell who can take them and who does not, so that we present different ideas for You can join the fashion and don’t stay behind in the past… Apparently just always returning.

Emulating Kurt Cobain

They have the nickname of Kurt Cobain and it is that the late Nirvana singer was carrying them at all hours and in all colors. Red, white, black… There are many firms which do not hesitate to remind the precursor of motion grunge designs that fall in love to all the bloggers and street stylers.

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Chiara Ferragni, obviously…

It is possible that Chiara Ferragni always point to all the fashion, but the truth is that this type of glasses leads them for more than one year. So in your case was a visionary with its model of Acne pink Studios. Later he joined fashion with other designs in different tones.

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The test that come from the 90s

Here an irrevocable proof that in the 90s were the moment goggles: Yolanda Hadid made recently a #TBT and the image shows as she followed the trends of then.

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Love is the power

  • Black Sunday Somewhere, 200 euros.
  • The mount KREWE, 313 euros marble effect.
  • With the metal frame of Oliver Peoples + The Row, 320 EUR.
  • Elizabeth and James, 170 euros pink.
  • Yellow Acne Studios, 260 euros.
  • Pink bat Sunday Somewhere, 200 euros.

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