Fright! They Are Still More Expensive Than Its Shoes

Kris alarm at all “Sex And the City”- and bags fans! No, there are no new film out, but something much better! Carrie Bradshaws beloved brand of shoes Manolo Blahnik will include a bag collection!

All Carrie Bradshaws of the world have waited a lifetime: Manolo Blahnik (72), shoe God of all women of who designs bags now. The bling-bling clutches could really catapult each hard-core Fashionista to fashion heaven!

Now, finally, there is a good reason to turn “SATC” – 3! Carrie Bradshaw alias Sarah Jessica Parker (50) would with the new bag collection of their favorite cobbler from Manolo Blahnik-shopping rush won’t come out.

The Spaniard Manolo Blahnik founded his label in 1973. As Bianca Jagger the legendary New York “Studio 54” in his shoes entered and at the latest since “Sex and the City”, he has gained worldwide recognition. His ornate and delicate Stilettos cost between 400 and 800 Euro

The clutch collection consists of six different models, all of which are handmade. The famous Manolo’s iconic pumps – served as the template clearly, what else. As also the shoes, are the bags made from satin, perched on the front of the striking jewel-buckle.

Blue, pink, yellow, black… Is the perfect piece of jewelry for any fashionista! The Manolo Blahnik bag collection will be available from end of July 2015 in selected flagship stores of Manolo Blahnik

The Spanish shoe designer, who at the end of the 1990s became world famous through the ubiquity of his designs in the TV series “sex and the city”, justified his move as follows: “every woman needs a jewel. Something special and beautiful. “There’s nothing more exciting, than a feminine hand, holding a jewel-like object in his hand.”

The bags themselves cost way, even as much as a small gem. The little Cinderella jewelry pieces start from 1.856 euro (!). For this, Carrie Bradshaw would have to sell at least two pairs of their beloved Manolo booties…


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