Fashion Brand Which Reigns in Instagram Is Not That Thinking

What you promised if you ask What is the brand of fashion that is more impact on Instagram?, Louis Vuitton?, Chanel maybe?, or maybe Zara and his great empire of the low-cost?, all fall in these typical topics, but nothing further from reality. Instagram is a source of business of such depth that the brands have already included it in its business strategy, but who controls this social network?

Achieve a greater impact on Instagram, the goal of all brand

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The growing influence of Instagram in our consumption habits and in our day to day in general is such that thousands of brands around the world have decided to focus their efforts on promoting its products and designs through this network of photographs.

Get more followers, bringing a greater number of mentions the hastag associated with your brand and certainly generate a viral so that your creations outside as object of desire as a result. These and others are the objectives that all fashion firm seeks to achieve using Instagram, but only a lucky few have reached the top 10.

Nike, the brand with more followers on Instagram

With almost 25 million followers and more than 33 million sportswear firm is enshrined as the most important of this network

Or Prada, or Michael Kors or H & M, the brand with the greatest impact on Instagram is Nike. With almost 25 million followers and more than 33 million and a half of hastags used in the publication of images, the sportswear firm devotes itself as the most important of this network.

According to the original study of M by Macy’s, which we have redefined – the figures are continually changing and it is necessary to check them every so often to observe variations-, in the race for achieving the greatest number of followers on Instagram, Adidas Originals is anything denigrating third with 7.7 million of followers, immediately ahead of Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Zara, in that order. However, the surprise increases when we look at the second post, the Swedish giant H & M It makes its stellar appearance with 9.8 million viewers.

In regards to the hastag used Chanel, Prada, Dior and Gucci are still, although by far, Nike steps. Nearly 23 million mentions via hastag granted to Chanel second place, passing the 22 million find Prada, while Dior podium down a fourth to less than 20,000 mentions of the third place of the italiana.

The luxury not dominates the network

It would appear, at the rate of fever triggered by Chanel with every accessory and design launches to the market, which should be the logo of the most famous double C’s history who was Lord of Instagram. However, Chanel just rubs the 6.8 million of followers leaving him out of the trio of honor to followers regarding.

Something similar happens with Hermes, one of the most important French luxury houses. His 1.2 million followers barely manage to include him in the study, While the newly achieved 19 million hastags gave him a seventh place in the ranking.

A priori might seem lie or even a utopia as a signature as Nike achieved shoot down the House of cards built by the most luxurious fashion industry. However, ladere running, continuous collaborations between the sports firm and different brands such as Sacai and Pedro Lourenço, or even the reinterpretations of models such as the Air Force 1 uberlegendario revisited by Riccardo Tisci have managed that their impact and importance increases, becoming figures of followers and the more bulky mentions.

Surprises: Vans and Free People slip in the rankings

We have talked about Nike and their good numbers on Instagram, Adidas and its attempt to unseat its most direct competitor, but what If we look beyond the top 5?
Brands such as Vans (3, 7m followers) or Free People (2. 1m followers) make their appearance in the jobs lowest in the table, above even firms as Cartier (1, 8m followers) or Isabel Marant (523K followers).

Want this tell a brand mid-cost as Free People is more important than the luxurious Cartier jewelry firm?, clearly no, but something they are doing well in terms of social networks, and that, today says a lot, because one who has no presence in networks is finished. One of his strongest marketing arms and with more anticipation of development is, without a doubt, the network, for this reason thousands of brands with more or less draught are implementing their actions in Socialmedia, and more specifically on Instagram.

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