Diadems, The Accessory Must Haves

In the post on the Paris Hilton style, We saw that the millionaire heiress used Headbands very often. But it takes not only them. Many celebrities use this accessory to fix your hair in a comfortable way and (if you choose well) elegant.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Eva Longoria, Sienna Miller o Lindsay Lohan These are some that have been left to do with a tape head. Will you be the next? Of course, it is much easier to carry that a turban or that one babushkas, ¿verdad?

In addition, there is a wide range where: there are thick or thin plastic headbands of fabric, plain or patterned, with or without sconces… We are sure that, among so many options, you find one that you favors, as well as hands to work and to follow this new trend.

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