Dentist Explained

Dentist Explained

In Latin is where the etymological origin of the term dentist is found. It is exactly the result of the sum of the noun “dens, dentis”, which can be translated as “tooth”, and the suffix “-ista”, which is used to indicate a profession or trade.

However, it is interesting to know that the term dentist as such appeared for the first time in the eighteenth century. Specifically, it was in the year 1735 when that word was used in the French magazine “Mercure de France”.

The professional whose job is to care for the teeth of their patients is known as a dentist. The term is used as a synonym for dentist, which is an expert in dentistry: the science dedicated to the study and treatment of teeth.

For example: “My tooth hurts a lot, I’m going to have to go to the dentist”, “The dentist recommended that I use dental floss to improve oral hygiene”, “My daughter is a dentist and has an office in the center”.

Dentistry is part of the health sciences. A dentist, therefore, is in charge of taking care of the teeth so that they remain healthy. In the event of the development of a disease or some other disorder, it is trained to carry out the corresponding treatment.

Dentists, in short, can diagnose, suggest preventive measures and develop treatments. In addition to focusing on the teeth, they act on the periodontal tissue, the gums, the jaws and the temporomandibular joint.

Taking into account that health is what is at stake, it is necessary to properly choose the dentist who will be in charge of check-ups, dental cleanings or any other necessary action in this regard. In this case, it is established that these recommendations must be followed in this regard:

-You have to make sure that it is conveniently registered, so as not to fall into the hands of false dentists.

-It is necessary to distrust dentists that offer very low prices or offers that are too cheap and that are not in line with those that exist in the market at that time.

-It is essential to get patient feedback from him to know how he works.

-No less relevant is that you must have a query that meets all the requirements in terms of hygiene and cleanliness. Likewise, he must be a person who not only has a clean appearance but uses disposable gloves at all times and who also proceeds to use what is the pertinent mask.

It is important to keep in mind that a dentist must also have other medical knowledge, since a disease in the mouth can cause problems in other parts of the body and even life-threatening general disorders.

For this reason, beyond the fact that many people develop fear of the dentist because they think that their interventions always cause pain, it is essential to visit these specialists periodically to take care of oral health. You should not wait to experience a symptom to go to the dentist, but the ideal is to make regular consultations as a preventive measure.