Casual sex appeal a la Heike Makatsch

It’s Monday morning and you don’t know what you want to attract? No problem! We provide you with looks for the whole week, that you can copy from the stars. This time: Actress Heike Makatsch (43). So, Cabinet on and after style!

Nothing is worse than in the morning not knowing what they should wear. Heike Makatsch – Berlin it-girl, actress and ex-girlie, double Mama – can’t afford delays to the start of the day. Women like them, therefore preventing and put their outfits together in advance.

Our Tip: Take you a little time to plan their looks for the week Sunday evening. This not only saves time in the morning, but leaves you with enough room to put together creative outfits.

Three things we can learn from Heike Makatsch:

  1. subtle sex appeal
    The 43-year-old white: less is more. The actress shows either leg or cleavage, but not both together. Nevertheless, she would never appear in the stuffy look. Their universal trick: the red lipstick, which missed a touch of sexiness every look and every woman really is.
  2. are your age!
    Was traveling while Heike Makatsch their Viva times as upper-girlie with brightly colored and ravigen dresses, her style is now elegant and grown – without it madamig. Watch out for the three-points rule, if you are 40: 1 you are wearing high-quality materials, polyester and other cheap substances only what young girl. 2. less is so no glitzy makeup, too many accessories, more. 3. refrain from too much bright colors, looks and combinations in black, white, cream, blue, gray look timeless and classy.
  3. know what is
    No later than the age of 40, women should run after no longer all trends and it labels. Find trends that you fit and accentuate your best side. The same applies to brands. Heike Makatsch carries the Berlin labels Berlin and kaviar Gauche prefers Lala. Heike Makatsch in wild Roberto Cavalli gown would be somehow inconceivable.


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