Burberry Launches Its New Folding Shelter

Who said that protect from the rain could be classy? Because that same thinking Burberry and, for those who do Sun, snow or not, it rains, want to go elegant and classy and caught them in a storm without an umbrella (the Burberry brand or not, the case is umbrella) to take shelter, has designed an abrigo-chubasquero who could well pass for a trench coat in their new and latest collection.

The intention is not to serve only of rain, not. They wanted to design a garment, light material that can be transported comfortably without problems and list for use when needed. In Navy Blue, buttoned and with a belt, this beauty can be moved, thanks to its easy bending, in a plastic bag. Both she and wrap are made of a water resistant material and very light and of course, this loses quality tissue. They try to keep good work manufactured House adding the impermeability and lightness characteristics.

That is quite noticeable in the price is why: we can purchase it for the “modest” price of €400. For the most chic.

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