Brienne of Tarth Climbs the Fashion Throne

Game of jobs? As the filming of “Game of Thrones”, “Star Wars” and “Tribute by panem” actress Gwendoline Christie (36) action still be not enough. Now she finds herself in the role of the new Muse of Vivienne Westwood (74).

That design-Queen Vivienne Westwood has a soft spot for American series stars, we know at least since they RJ Mitte from “breaking bad” sent on the catwalk. New in the westwoodschen model pool: “Game of Thrones” Star Gwendoline Christie, for the current autumn winter campaign of the Brit-label by the German Star photographer Jürgen plate (51) was staged.

Christie, Brienne of Tarth pulling, “Game of Thrones” as a fearless Knight in the battles, gloomy and usual energetic in the creations of the British woman posing together with actor/model/death metal drummer Leebo Freemann (27).

The 1.91-metre Christie has to thank Madame Westwood also for their first trip to the fashion throne. For the Unisex gold line of designer already ran in March about the runway, was also an actor “Save the Arctic”-campaign by Greenpeace.

Fine threads instead of armor. Here is the Knight for the gold line of Westwood on the catwalk in Paris

So you know the Serienheldin – as a fearless Knight, Christie as Brienne of Tarth draws in ‘Game of Thrones’ in the battles

Why “Games of Thrones” fans to Dubrovnik to? Here you know.

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