“Brands Underestimate Our Willingness to Claim Our Rights”, Interview to like Princess by Kuka

The last case of plagiarism among brands and bloggers have had a Like princess by Kuka (Nuria López) and the Brazilian firm John John Denim as protagonists. A photograph of a styling of him ended up being used in a design for a t-shirt that Zac Efron, the brand image, it look finished coming to the ears of the blogger, with whom we talk to learn more about this case.

How did you hear of this plagiarism?

I learned by a friend that it followed by the social network’s “twiiter” to Zac Efron. When I left work I saw a lot of missed calls it, immediately called her and said: “princesss!” What are in a t-shirt carrying the actor Zac Efron”. I didn’t want to give credence to what was heard, since it seemed so surreal!!!!

And indeed when I got home I looked for images and found a lot!!!

If mark had asked you for it (previous compensation, of course) would have agreed that give your image legally?

Depends on the economic agreement, my image and creativity have a value.

Do you think that brands use these images without permission and without paying instead of saving all these problems later?

Except for error, because firstly, they may mistakenly think that being bloggers from other countries we will not learn, and secondly, underestimate our willingness to claim our rights, either because they tend to be strong companies facing bloggers allegedly “without great resources” so that, as it has happened in other cases, it has not claimed or have they been formed a mere excuse , and on rare occasions in addition derisory sums as compensation, but meanwhile they have arranged the time needed to obtain its objective which is the economic benefit.

What attracted you to take legal action against the mark?

My dignity, my respect, and the illicit use of my image without my authorization, I deserve I repair the damage suffered by.

How do you think that I will solve the demand?

I hope that is finally resolved amicably, but if it isn’t, I’m determined to go ahead with the help of my lawyer.

How long was it solved?

The time is uncertain, depends on many factors, starting with the predisposition of the brand to the negotiation.

What you ask the brand with the demand?

You agree to repair and compensate for that free riding for commercial purposes without my consent and my image, and whom they have obtained a great benefit and advertising.

Have you had any contact with the Brazilian firm?

Personally, through my lawyer, Laura Mira Trives, have not kept talks to try to reach an agreement, but it has not been possible.

Do you think that a big brand has used your image for a t-shirt without your consent?

That is violated the right of my image, taking with it my own style and creativity.

Do you think that the big brands are setting both on bloggers like you for items like this? In recent years there have been many cases.

Seem to indiciario existence of a lack of creativity in their design departments, on the one hand, and on the other, the bloggers have ingenuity and creativity as evidenced by the fact that recur over and over again, but that ingenuity and creativity, and above all the image of them are priced, so when they’re interested in an image and style of any of them they should act within the law, requesting authorization and negotiating contract terms with them.

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