Bonaparte-Concert Film Premiere “Quantum Physics & A Horseshoe”

Bonaparte you love or wild shaking his head but to decide against them. The international collective to the Swiss Tobias Lundt but you have to let one: they know how they can heat up their fans and long mix with its “Visual trash punk” with crazy music circus.

Now they have to time considered a small little break to insert, after exhausting six years duration party after their success SALVES “too much” and “My Horse Likes You” again to collect energy for her newest PartyParty work. What but in the past six years so everything happened right absurd and Fetentaugliches, would the boys suggest you once again: in their short film “quantum physics & A Horseshoe” – the largest BONAPARTE concert FILM of all time.

If this really works with a great live band like Bonaparte, we still do not know even – for all fans that may be but still a neat treat where the heart once again to hopping starts when old concerts in fevered memories high cooking. Premiere is on Halloween at Babylon Theater Berlin. And the best: the boys and girls watching the concert film with you!

Official trailer: BONAPARTE – (quantum physics & A horseshoe) from bonaparte on Vimeo.

What awaits us? The troupe shows us once more, how to properly wild celebrates and loses itself in their music: „ playing, dancing and sweating! “ Bonaparte are unique and who has seen the band already once live, will appreciate that. Celebrating so again with and leave the head all the memories of the Bonaparte smash hits like „ anti “, „ Gigolo Vagabundo “ or „ rave rave rave “ bloom.

The tickets in the cinema Babyon cost only 5 euros – but are severely limited. A unique opportunity to meet the band is included in the price and not to be missed. So fix look at the Babylon by.

Who is too slow or the day of days rather in a scary costume would throw themselves, must not relinquish Bonaparte: the DVD “quantum physics & A Horseshoe” there from November 11 and still includes handsome MP-3 download code from the movie soundtrack.

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